why i shouldve known better than to buy a pre rolled blunt

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  1. So, i was smokin a blunt with ma girls. Everything is goin good, i got the giggles & all that other good stuff that comes with smoking. My homegurls left & Im waiting for the bus like always. Im super chiefed. Then, my hearing gets real fuzzy. (im thinkin low blood pressure or something) so i take a few steps to my left trying to shake it off. But i nearly fall on my ass. Then, the same fuzzy thing that was going on with my hearing, is starting with my vision. So while my hearing & vision is distorted, i try my hardest just to stay on my feet & i broke into a cold sweat. It felt like i was drifting in & out of consciousness. I remember dropping my handbag, everything going in slow motion, & it being really hard for me to pick it up. When I regained consciousness, i was staring at the cement watching colors & patterns float around my feet, the window had a smoking face. It all lasted about 15-20 minutes. I called my girls & they said they felt strange, but nothing intence. Anyone know what it could be?
  2. Maybe laced, but not sure. That sucks though man.

    I get like that sometimes when I snort a pill and smoke...
  3. Nah dude you whiteyed.

    Low blood pressure, maybe low blood sugar,

    had it been a while since you had last ate or drank?

    Did it happen after standing up or sitting down?
  4. I was standing, waiting for the bus. Im thinkin your right about tha low blood pressure thing. I thought i was gunna die. But because my weed man had it pre rolled (has your weed man ever taken the time to roll YOUR blunt? Spent that extra dollar?) I assumed it was laced. Iv only bought from him once before
  5. hmm it could have been salvia mixed or something. a 15-20 sorta trip is what salvia is like along with all the sudden not being able to move or stand right
  6. OH, and i forgot to add, my lips went numb after a few hits. My homegurls also said that their mouths was numb too. If that helps
  7. i know people who sell pre rolled joints and blunts and i know people who buy em and they're always legit... say the dealer has a buncha shake from a large purchase then they can roll it up in a joint/blunt to sell it, because usually people dont buy shake, they want nuggies

    -im really high so hopefully this made sense...
  8. It's just your blood pressure or some shit.

    Something to do with how fast blood travels and how much your heart is working.
  9. Ok, that changes everything. DEFINITELY laced.
  10. Why would they lace the blunt with something if they were going to sell it? Why would they want to put in another drug and lose money?

    I'm so SICK and TIRED of threads were people claim they smoked weed that was laced with something.
  11. I don't know ANYONE that would lace their weed...unless for PERSONAL use, otherwise it's just retarded......

    Sounds like you stood up to fast and got a head rush or something...

  12. That doesn't really make a difference. My lips still get numb sometimes when I smoke. It could just be the rello. Someone told me sometimes THC and whatever the flavor [grape rello, something like that] is don't always mix well. But that still doesn't explain all that other shitt. I smoked a blunt laced with klonopin and it kinda felt like that. Probably nothing serious.
  13. thats some bomb ass weed!:smoke:
  14. People dont lace weed.
  15. one of few drugs cause numb lips, the only one that could be possible is coke especially when smoked, its the only effect(from the coke itself) some people report after lacing their weed with coke.
  16. i'm thinking that your boy probably had two blunts pre-rolled, one for you with straight weed in it, and another for himself with some extra goodies in it, and got the two mixed up. give him a call and ask about it.
  17. Something similar happened to me, i'd been smoking with a friend at the top of a scaffold over the bus depot and when I stood up, i felt fine for a few steps then all of a sudden everything just kind of faded away and the next thing I knew I was lying on the ground aware of the pain in my head but too baked to really notice it and my mate told me I had just fallen over and gone unconscious, it was pretty fucked up and I sat down for about five minutes to catch myself but then I was fine and climbed down. I think it's blood pressure, you're lucky you didn't seriously crack your head when you went down, I had almost started climbing down the 75ft scaffold when this happened to me and i would have been as dead as a fucking doornail if I had been.
    Just take it easy during the transition from chilling to moving or sitting to standing up.
  18. LOL dude... why the fuck would a dealer waste time + money (10-20 dollars more) to lace your shit? Honestly thats like selling a blunt with 50 bucks worth in it for 20. Pointless.

    True that. You probably didn't eat alot that day, or for a while, or stood up, got spins, had a bad high, whatever. Happens all the time to ppl. Not me personally, but I know a girl who just straight up passed out after we got outta the car from a blunt ride. She just literally got out and dropped lol I secretly laughed (kinda almost felt bad for laughing) but she was out cold so she didnt know I laughed. She got up like a min later it was all good lol.
  19. That has happened to my friend a few times if he didnt eat or drink anything that day.
  20. I gotta argue that. Cats lace weed. For what ever reason. Maybe he got it through a friend & was afraid to smoke it so figured he mind as well make a profit. Maybe it was laced, maybe not. But dont think that folks dont lace their shit. There are a thousand reasons someone would lace a blunt and sell it. Im not saying mine was but theres always that slight chance that a PRE rolled blunt IS laced.

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