why i should not grow in soil.....

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  1. so i have a mother room a veg room and a flower room... my mothers are all in deep water culture buckets.... i cut my clones put in a aeroponic cloner i built myself. 102 site :hello:
    then transfer to 1qt pots of soil in veg room for 2-4 weeks i like some bigger
    then into 3 gal black bags into flower room and build my personal stash for a few months..

    point of my post is
    yesterday i decided to smoke hash bowls before i did all my water changes in mother buckets... and i used the damn foxfarm grow big soil solution, instead of the hydroponic solution... i only did it in 1 bucket my jack herrer..:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    today all her fan leaves are brownish yellow and massivly curled in......
    i take evasive actions....
    clip away some of the super dead leaves and transfer into straight r/o water with only a few drops of superthrive in it.. ill monitor her for a few days then add nutes again....anyone have any other ideas i should do
  2. why should u ditch soil...one word...BUGS

    and as far as the fox farm, just give em a good flush, it shouldnt hurt them, i actually do the same thing for every grow, i just use a filter on my pump...same shit
  3. [quote name='LocalStoner323']why should u ditch soil...one word...BUGS

    fuckin truth in the beans hahah
    man does bugs suck... never had a gnat prob till i opened a bag of soil...
  4. I've never gotten bugs w/ Fox Farms.

    plenty of other reasons though.

    -hydro has less odor

    -hydro gets better yields and you can run less plants


    and the biggest....

    - Disposing of 7 gallon soil pots is a pain in the ass. I run 4 plants at a time and have to find a place to dump 28 gallons of soil every month.

    -Easier to tell exactly how much your plants are eating

    -BUYING 28 gallons of FFOF every month gets expensive
  5. Sooooo this

  6. LBH

    - Disposing of 7 gallon soil pots is a pain in the ass. I run 4 plants at a time and have to find a place to dump 28 gallons of soil every month.

    -BUYING 28 gallons of FFOF every month gets expensive \t

    hahahah yeah but disposing of
    100 gallons of old nutrient water from 15 bubble buckets every 2 weeks sucks too
    and thats expensive as hell in nutes
    i fed my plants more $ then i do myself hahaha
    i have 12 mothers in bubble buckets and all their children go into soil and to their final destination....
    so i go through just too much waste in soil and water waste.....
  7. I never got bugs and i only grow in a soil less mix..Remember the definition of growing Hydroponically is simply without DIRT

    so if you use a soil less medium your growing hydroponically ;)

    As long as my girls are happy im happy :D

  8. Hey, this is true but it doesnt have to be that way (dumping large amounts of nutes). You guys on this site have got your minds stuck on bubble buckets and DWC set ups that demand for these riduclous amounts of nutes to be made up in order for the system to work:confused::confused::confused::confused:

    I hardley see anyone on here using the system that i use (nutrient film tehcnique). Simple to use, easy to set up, quick turn around time between crops, clean and tidy and the real bonus, very fast growth rate with minimal amounts of nutes for the system to work. When i dump my reservoir, it is usually amounts as low as a gallon or so.

    I have a small 40 litre reservoir. I only mix 20-25 litres at a time (which my plants are using in 4 days at the moment). When the pump is on and circulating the nutes, there is only 1 litre or so at any one time in the chanels.


    What could be simpler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. yea but i dont wanna run a nft system.
    its a good idea but a $$investment.. and id rather not start from scratch just to use nft
  10. When you grow in soil you get denser nugs and a better taste!
  11. At this point, it would be easier to go organic and recycle your soil with a vermicompost bin. Other than the smells and the mess of working with soil, I think it's easier to go full organic and let the microorganisms feed your plants. Having no experience in the matter, I would think hydro would be easier to keep clean and more productive; ideal for commercial growers who want to maximize yield.

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