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Why I love stoned dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MicrowavedBagel, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I had very little money to buy bud so I was only buying a dime. I'm sitting their and my dealer is high as a kite while putting my bag together. He goes on some rant while still adding more bud. I only paid ten but got about 3 grams of some good stuff. Does this happen to anybody else?
  2. Smoke him out next time, maybe he will do it again lol.
  3. Stopped by my guys house once to pick up a half of dank. There was a party going on when I got there, and he was clearly wasted on more than just weed/beer. He weighed out my stuff, and started looking around for a bag, he finally found one, which I could tell from across the room, already had some stuff in it. He took my half off the scale, poured it in the bag and sent me on my way.

    When I got home it weighed 23 grams :smoke:

    He even called me an hour later, so I assumed he figured out he was missing some bud. I answered the phone and he said "hey man you still coming by?" I said "I came by an hour ago" and he laughed and hung up. Must have been super wasted and he never mentioned it again.

    Was a great night :smoking:
  4. Ive had many a dealers forget to ask me for the money and then i never paid them (unless they say something to me).

    Usually me keeping the money isn't intentional, im just so excited to smoke that i forget about it and so do they and then later i realize i still have money in my wallet and i buy more weed!
  5. I went into a dispensary with my brother. They asked if it was my first time, I said no. They helped someone else, then asked if it was my first time there again, no, I replied, again. I asked if they still had the same stuff they had last time I was there, some banana kush, they said no. So my brother picks out the stuff he wants, we go to leave and the guy who I just told 3 times that I had been there before gives me a free joint because "he always gives people joints when it's their first time."

    I loled and outside my brother, who always plays people goes, dude, I almost gave you away in there. I was like, wtf, I told the godamn guy 3 times it wasn't my first time here. We loled and left.
  6. I love dealers that hook u up, smoke you out, and then send you on ur way after a few beers... Totally worth it.
  7. That's dank.
  8. I always get 3g for 10. Just a normal bundle deal for me.
  9. I got a 4.8 gram eighth once, not that special
  10. got 4.3 grams for 30 bucks once no idea how it happened
  11. Once in a while my old dealer use to weight it in the car and get a little into and totally forget to grab the cash. Happened like 4 times in a month once lol. To bad it was only dubs and no weight :p
  12. my dealer always smokes me out cause we are friends.. like i go over to pick up.. he has a joint ready for me and him, we smoke, i get a fat bag. We take a few rips of the bong, watch some tv and I head out.

    Its always a fun time.

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