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Why I love Mary Jane.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Moore Kush, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Okay so I drank a little last night on top of smoking. I don't think I should of had that aristocrat, but I did.

    By the way, Happy (belated) St. Pattys Day! :hippie:

    So anyways, I woke up today and I wasn't really hungover, But my stomach hurt a little. Then after I ate it got really bad where I just kept feeling like i was going to vomit and had a burning type sensation in my throat and stomach. I tried taking medicine with no effect. Then my guy finally came through and dropped me a bag. I packed a bowl took a few hits and immediately felt better. My stomach and throat now feel great and i'm even thinking about eating in a little bit. I went from about to vomit and not eat tonight to feeling better and most likely about to eat. The simple inhaling of Marijuana made this possible.

    I just wanted to share this for some reason so I posted it here haha.:smoke:
  2. Another reason why drinking should be illegal in the US (again) and not weed. :D
  3. I think drinking should stay legal, smart people will use it much higher moderation than MJ ;)

  4. It should be illegal for dumbasses, amirite? :D
  5. making alcohol illegal makes no sense. both should be legal.
  6. Yesterday I went to the pub with a friend and we got pretty drunk, came back to mine and we planned to smoke a spliff but we were too drunk and decided not to in the end, probably just as well.
    Although there is a part of me that think had we smoked, I wouldnt have had such a bad hangover this morning when I got up at 4:30 to get ready for the formula 1 lol
  7. both should be legal definitley

  8. I guess I should clarify my thoughts and make counter statements.

    Personally I don't like alcohol, it makes me feel groggy. But seeing how every day someone dies from alcohol, it should be illegal. Too many irresponsible people in the world. :hide:

    But I guess that's the only thing I have wrong with it. There's too many irresponsible people in the world.

    And if it does become illegal again, people will revert to moonshine or stashes like they did back in the day.

    Open to debate? :devious:
  9. I'm with you man. Thousands of people die each year from alcohol. Marijuana does not have the same effect. I've always wondered why Alcohol was legal while weed that actually helps some stays illegal.

    I've also always wondered why Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug
  10. i love it because its the only thing that has ever helped me sleep well and wake up refreshed. which is why it sucks so fucking bad when i dont have any... like right now...
  11. I feel you on that BlazeLE, It helps me sleep too and I always wake up feeling good when i smoke before sleeping. It just has so many positives.
  12. I wouldnt have had such a bad hangover this morning when I got up at 4:30 to get ready for the formula 1 lol [​IMG]

  13. Neither should be illegal
  14. The goverment is just plain dumb. They spend billions a year to keep marijuana illegal.

    They have the drug cartel in mexico that they fight with constantly for no reason when all they bring is shitty weed anyways ha.

    If weed was legal there would be no reason to have illegal grows and to sell it illegally.
    Though i have a good feeling that there is a bigger reason for why it is still illegal.

    Mainly i think the drug adminstrations like tylenol and advil and those things pay off the goverment in some way. I think one day it will be legal but not very soon.
  15. No^ Alcohol and Cigarette companies lobby to keep marijuana illegal. It would hurt their business.
  16. I love Mary Jane too.. but sadly it will not be legal anytime soon in my opinion.
  17. I couldn't even drink water this morning without puking, and eating was out of the question. Then i loaded up my chillum ripped a bowl and felt like I could beat kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest. Weed heals.

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