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  1. So Friday night I went to a friend's apartment(Griffin)...he doesn't smoke, but he's cool with it, and he has done it in the past. So we were just chilling there, it was kind of lame but whatever. Someone went in the bathroom to find a towel stuffed under the door and a faint smell of marijuana. He wasn't sure who did it(he had moved in earlier that day and hadn't even met 2 of his roommates, Rob and Justin), but we figured it was one kid we knew from HS(his 4th roommate, Chris)...(My friend was the only person there who lived in the apartment...all his roommates were out)

    Now today we go back over, and Justin(I didn't know who he was at the time) answers the door. We were talking to him for a minute, when I asked him about the bathroom from the other night...

    He starts telling me

    "Nah man, I have no idea what you're talking about", etc.

    This was the exact same thing I told my RA when I was smoking so I called him on it. Turns out he is a HUGE pothead, along with the other previously unknown roommate, Rob. When this was discovered, Rob starts rolling a joint...and Rob, Justin, my friend Josh and I all hotboxed the bathroom.

    Then I went to get my bud to match him. By the time we got back, the other roommate, Chris, showed up. He smokes also. So we roll up a joint, and Griffin decides he wants to smoke. About this same time, another friend of mine showed up(Zach). So all 7 of us got in the bathroom and smoked a bowl and a joint...so basically we found 2 huge stoners to chill with a nice chill spot.
  2. Bomb diggity! Hurray for you!
  3. dude chilling awesome, dont ever dowbt it, ;) fuckign awesome thats sick karma for you, the little things add up. back to what i was saying. which was, (goes back in his post to read it....) damn... i have no idea what i was going to say. :(
  4. just watch out smoking in and around the dorms, ive known a few people to eventually get caught with it or smoking
  5. Yeah but this is an apartment...it's still campus housing, but it's a LOT safer than a dorm.
  6. dude im so high, that shit made me laugh.hahaha im there with ya bro, lmao

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