Why I hate Xmas

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  1. First of all, it's a Christian holiday, and it seems to evoke just about everybody around it. I hate having to spend money to get people things I don't even know they would want. Yeah you can say "well it's being paid off by the things you are receiving." no, not true at all. i could have saved my money that i spent on gifts for other people, and bought myself what i really wanted. seriously, from now on, xmas should be a holiday where you go and buy yourself something you want with your own money, excluding kids. this way, everyone gets what they actually want, and they don't waste their money on other crap that people probably don't even like. And it's so time consuming, every one drives fucking crazy, and customers are fighting each other and literally killing each other for the lowest price on goods (black Friday). Not to mention that Xmas drives everybody broke as hell, since even if you're not a Christian, and even if you don't celebrate Xmas, you still have to go out and buy fucking "gifts" for people. The whole family, Friends, gf, gf's parents, boss, co workers, neighbors etc. Why? Because everyone expects you to. Its fucking christmas. And you don't want to have that :confused: look on your face when someone gives you a gift and you don't have one to give back. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but nearly everyone I've had this conversation with agrees that Xmas is a pain in the ass.
    See, birthdays make sense at least, you get one person one gift you think they are going to like, and you get set back a couple of bucks. But Christmas? Sshhhhiiieeettt, better jump in front of a crazy UPS truck driver hurrying to deliver gift packages, this way your excuse for everyone when they come "where the fuck is my present"ing you is "sorry, got hit by a crazy ups truck, was in the hospital. Thanks for your gift though. That was very kind of you. Mama brought it to me while I was in the hospital":D
  2. what a grinch!

    just kidding ya christmas sucks makes me depressed
  3. another commercial holiday
  4. Ebenezer, is that you? You should become a hermit in December. Christmas is rarely a christian holiday anymore. It's just a commercial tradition that most people enjoy. If you're that hard up on money, don't buy shit for anyone. And tell them not to get you anything because you can't be bothered to make a christmas list and you're not in the mood for their shitty efforts to please you.:D
    I have nothing against people who hate christmas but your reasons are weak and you sound whiney as hell.
  5. Damn, you buy gifts for your neighbors?? Haha that sucks man. I can see where you're coming from tho, people do get pretty kooky during the holidays. Especially when you ARE expected to get gifts for a lot of people, it can be a pretty stressful time that will put a ton of people on edge

    Luckily for me i'm only expected to get immediate family/close friends gifts, because hey if you're not consistently in my life, why would I get you something?
    I don't know about you, but I always ask the people I plan on getting gifts for what they want, maybe not specifically, but hey give me a few ideas you know? And if they say surprise me? I get em the cheapest fuckin thing I can find and go surprise! This one's on you buddy

    And same in reverse. I only expect presents from a few select people, So i always make it easier on them and tell em some things I want/need, and haven't received a terrible gift in years!

    They have always understood though if I can't get them a present, I just explain moneys tight and that I can't get them some fancy gift. I guess I'm fortunate in the way that my family isn't so materialistic and are happy just to spend time with each other over the holidays.

    Anyway sorry to hear you're havin such a shitty time around the holidays. For the most part I don't really care for them either, all the holiday specials, and christmas lights, and decorating can get pretty annoying, but I figure I don't need to be wasting negative energy on it, and just let everyone be
  6. How bout thanks giving, where you sit around and gorge?

    Easter where you eat a fuckton of chocolate?

    New years where you get savage drunk?

    america day or whatever you call it where you get savage drunk?

    st patties day where you get savage drunk?

    Remembrance day where you go gay parades?

    Do holidays mean anything anymore? No, but enjoy your holiday from work, time with family, and put some thought into what your giving as gifts and maybe you'll see the joy of worrying about someone other then yourself, and the shitty presents you receive.
  7. Why I hate you

    1. You hate Christmas? No. Your lonely cause you probably have no one in your life
    2. You made this for attention
    And 3. You actually wrote a page's length...get a hobby

  8. I like Christmas, and I'm an atheist! :p

    It doesn't hold any religious significance for me, I just enjoy the holidays. I like giving people gifts, especially kids. If I want to give someone a gift but don't want to spend much money, I just bake them some tasty treats or go find something hilarious at the thrift store for a couple bucks.

    And, at least in my family, no one expects everyone to get them gifts. If you do, then it's greatly appreciated. But if you don't, just being there is appreciated too. :D

    Maybe you're just putting too much pressure on yourself when it comes to getting gifts for everyone? :confused_2:
  9. I don't celebrate it anymore since my grandma died.

  10. Haha my reasons are weak? yet you give no effort to apply your own reasoning in the retort to my statements. And it's not that I'm hard up on money, with that premise, I'm writing on behalf of other people I see who don't have money and are forced to spend their entire earnings on other people, because it's what they're expected to do. But yeah, next time you wanna call someone's statement "weak," please don't hesitate to come up with a rebuttal of your own, if you can.
  11. Hey aint gonna be no scrooges on this site jk
    Why jesus hates Xmas
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjxGvyPAY5A]The Boondocks - Huey Explains The History Of Christmas. - YouTube[/ame]

  12. 1. I am so lonely, yeah, that's exactly my problem.
    2. I made this so you won't celebrate xmas anymore.
    3. You actually have 1054 posts on here, get a hobby.

  13. I was trying to aim at something bigger. I'm friends with a lot of people who live on their own and don't have money to even buy their family presents, but they have to. They go out and spend whatever money they have to try and get everyone "gifts," and they come home flat broke. No one spends nearly the same amount of money on St patties day, New Years Day, Independence day, and Easter, as they do on Xmas. I see that you get a "joy" out of it, I do as well, but for many people, it doesn't fill the hole of being flat broke.

  14. that's a really good idea man, if only I knew how to make treats.
  15. Bah HUmbug!

    Christmas is what you make of it. Clearly you're a disgruntled person to begin with. Christmas DOES NOT have to be religious - in fact, you know originally it was a pagan solstice celebration co-opted by the Christians anyway.
  16. I used to love Christmas. Untill my parents stopped celebrating it. Now I have to go find something to do on Christmas :(
  17. Some people like to make others happy by giving them gifts. When i get gifts i appreaciate it wether i want it or not.

    No one forces you. If you dont feel like giving your friends or your family gifts, dont.
  18. They're weak because you say you feel pressured. No ones forcing anyone, man. Do you always do what people expect you to do? That shouldn't be anyones reason for participating.
    "Oh I only got you a present because I felt obligated. I really fuckin hate Christmas but I don't want people to judge me."
    You say the gifts suck. Make a list for people.
    Don't want to spend money? Make something, re-gift, or just don't get anyone anything.
    Too many people? Only buy for family or close ones.
    But they got me something and now I feel bad. Bitch I didn't tell you to get me shit and therefore I don't owe you shit but thank you for this subpar gift.
    If I resented something so much I wouldn't take part in it at all.

  19. haha that doesn't work in the real world my friend. You try telling your girlfriend's mom and boss that.

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