Why I eat meat (Dear Vegetarians)

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  1. Hey if your a vegetarian I thought I should share a point I made to a vegetarian lady friend of mine that confronted me about it in the past, and I being a person of Scientific Theory (As far as religion goes) about why I eat meat but killing animals is equally wrong.

    I told her that I as a Human element on this earth, I will continue to fulfill that natural instinct I have as a mammal on this planet that If I'm born to eat with the teeth put there for you to eat fuckin meat, I expect to be allowed to eat meat like every other carnivorous animal out there without you having to jump down my throat!

    The thing is, the endangered animals ARE protected and poachers are enforced all the time, and it pisses me off when people DO break those laws, it does make me uncomfortable to hear of people killing certain animals.

    This is something I have always been confronted about by many people I hang out with or have come across, humans are an issue without a doubt, we our killing ourselves slowly suffocating in our ravishing, throbbing society slowly sucking at us to die from probably a major black out or some crazed WW3 or pollution, and perhaps a bit of y2k to mix it up a bit.

    All in all, let us rot, cause there is nothing we can do...Trust me, people are too high and mighty these days on their high horse. So I will continue to eat food.

    Sorry for the "Inconvenient Truth"

    From your very baked friend :smoking:
  2. I eat meat because it is delicious.
  3. exactly.

    we have evolved throughout history.
    meaning if are predecessors started eating meat, it was for a reason.

    now why should we stop?
    because animals have feeling....is that a legit argument.

    no, i am all for making animal testing and animal related clothes (ie minx coats/alligator skin stuff) illegeal.
    but sorry to say, i think meat eating is here to stay.
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    Im a vegetarian. I don't support the way animals are treated in slaughterhouses. No, it may not be as bad as peta makes it out to be (I dont support peta), but it still could be a lot better.

    It doesnt bother me that you eat meat at all. It's your choice what you do, Ill do what I do.

    Oh, and if meat is needed for survival, then I see no problem killing an animal for that. I also do think, though, that now with how far we have come with.. err.. food.. technology.. that we have the means to survive a just-as-healthy lifestyle without eating meat. There's many good sources of protein without the fat and such.
  5. Last I checked, humans were omnivorous.
    And I also know that monkeys are omnivorous as well... and they rarely eat meat (unless you call ants meat) and they seem to get along just fine.
    Just cause you have the teeth for it, doesn't mean you have to eat such huge servings all the time and treat animals as worse than shit because of it.
    Even "free range" animals are often treated similar to those in factory farms.

    Excluding the Peta nuts who act like total assholes, wanting the whole world to give up meat and shit, many vegetarians and vegans I know just want better living conditions and treatment of animals, and for others to consider why we need so little meat in our diet (as illustrated by the food pyramid no?) thus saving more land, more rain forests, and more air (cows produce quite a bit of co2...).

    Of course, I'm not a complete vegetarian (I realize and accept when I'm craving some poultry or cheese) and I can't even eat pork or beef without getting sick, so part of it is that as well.
    And I"m not trying to say your friend is right or that you should change.
    But I thought I'd kind of bring that up as well, cause while not ALL vegetarians are logical and understanding in this way, there are still more who are than you think (lets put it this way, 80% of the vegetarians I work with didn't even reveal that they were vegetarian until I asked/offered them some meat.).

    Anyway... sorry for the rant.
    I get what you mean tho.
    And while free range isn't always good, it usually tastes better than factory farm meat anyway, and if its local you can be more sure that it was probably more well treated than some out of state brand (you could also go to the farm personally and check it out yourself), at least you can keep it in good faith right?

    Whatever I'm blabbering now.
  6. vegetarians that dont eat meat because "animals have feelings" must not understand how nature works. kill or be killed son! well its not really like that anymore now that we are civilized and most of us arent born in the jungle and fight to stay alive.
  7. i am a member of P.I.T.A

    People. Eating. Tasty. Animals.
  8. lol you kinda messed up there
  9. [​IMG]

    How can that not make your mouth water, Vegetarianites?!
  10. marleysubs, that is the truth incarnate.
  11. To me, taste isn't worth the suffering and slaughter of another creature. Anyways, the soy meat isn't too bad. most of the people that I know who have eaten it that weren't vegetarians thought it was all pretty damn good
  12. I don't mind Vegetarians I HATE PETA. Vegetarians are fine in my book.Vegans piss me off a bit but oh well. I eat meat thats my choice and you eat veggies thats your choice. But I do enjoy a good burger or steak as well as my veggies but meat is a crusial part of humans diets.
  13. If God didnt want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?
  14. As a man you are predisposed to exerting your control over others, as a woman you are predisposed to caring for others. I think everybody has both of these persona's inside of them, but we are encouraged to only look at our gender roles based on our primary (or phisical) sexuality (this is enforced through school, the clothes we ware and so on).

    When we start considering other forms of life as being lesser to our selves, we run a dangerous game. There is always a give and a take in life. If you consider the animal that you eat as being lesser than yourself, you have already committed a crime against life, and it is no longer difficult for you to see other races/religions or even the oposite gender of your own species as being lesser to forms of life; and at this point sex no longer has anything to do with love, but it is a form of self gratification.

  15. yeahyaa!!
  16. Eating one hamburger lets out 3 times more pollution then a car or something. I don't know if thats right but it something like that.
  17. i eat meat because whatever higherpower gave me the cravings for it.
  18. Wow i just eat it cause its good!
  19. You say carnivore, I say vegetarian. It's all the same to me. I don't give a fuck what people do with their lives....if you wanna eat meat, that's cool. If you don't, that's fine too. It's fucking stupid to judge people because of a petty thing like that.
  20. My opinion- a lot of people who are eating meat do not need as much meat as they are eating.

    Meat should only be a source of protein. If you do not excercise regularly/active why do you need a regular source of protein.....

    I do think the majority of people eat way too much meat- but thats just me.

    Think about it the next time your sitting down in a restaurant and you see some fatass -who probably cant even run 200ft without being winded- order a 16oz steak......

    Yea, I'm sure people like that 'need' a 16oz steak.... :rolleyes:

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