Why I don't follow organized religion, how about you?

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  1. In recent time, religion has really bothered me. Not any specific religion, just the topic in general. Now don't get me wrong, I honestly have no problems with what ever religion you do follow but just the principles of following one is what gets me confused. I grew up as a ''Christian'', although I never really practiced at all and have only been to church a handful of times in my life. The only time I'm really around is whenever I spend time with extended family who are all christian and we'll say our prayers whenever we're at the dinner table about to eat.

    I cannot say i'm any religion, because it's never been a big part of my life. I would like to believe there is some sort of higher being, but really there's just too much evidence of our earth developing from science that I can't. Don't quote me on this because I have near to none knowledge on religious studies, but doesn't the bible suggest that the world's only a few thousand years old? We have history that dates way before a few thousand years, but into the millions of years.

    I just think whatever religion you follow, whatever it is it will teach you to hate other's based on their beliefs and their religion. I can't really give any direct quotes about how the bible teaches you to hate homosexuals, or how if your wife were to cheat on you then you have the right to STONE her to death, I would not want myself or any of my family near it.

    I just wish now a days, more people would judge each other on the actual person they are. Whether you're Christian, Islam, Jewish, it shouldn't matter what you follow but on the person that you are.
  2. I hate organized religion. It has only caused problems. So many people have died for nothing, so many people are judged for not following someone elses beliefs. Yeah it gives people hope but you can have hope and morals within yourself. We have the power within ourselves.
  3. if there was organized atheism i would follow that.
  4. Nothing much to add to this, but your religion has a lot to do with where you were born. funny that.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_v6Zjh88a4]Whoomp There It Is 10min Torture Loop - YouTube[/ame]

    Actually, that video applies to the entire thread - OP and posts.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas...
  6. Not to mention all the bombings in the east because of conflicting religions.
  7. Fundamentalist religion has held our societies back. We should be a lot more advanced if the Church never persecuted Scientists and suppressed their findings, and declared them as heretics.

    Fact. Not fiction.
  8. Thats right.. And what have been so many wars and murders and intolerance been caused by? Religion.
  9. Whoomp, there it is!
  10. i cant even begin to fathom how advanced society would be without the bindings of religion.

    i wonder what it was like when there wasnt even pagan religions and people started to 'believe' in things..
    do you think they were persecuted ??
  11. I forget who is responsible for this quote, " I wouldn't want to join a club that would have anybody like me for a member" that's how I feel about organized religion.....Merry Xmas, all....

  12. they are not caused by "religion"

    you must see through the deception- that religion is only an excuse. people fight wars simply for resources or for power, and they do it in the name of religion so it seems justified to the religious.

    do you think 9/11 was because muslims hate christians? or do you think they did it because they dont like america's (and israel's) policies in the middle east?

  13. That was deep :smoke:

  14. Buddy, there's a book that has all the answers for you, and it's not the holy bible. Go on amazon and order The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. If you don't think I'm credible, just read the reviews.
  15. You need to open your eyes man. People were executed for not being the same religion, people were exiled. Look how religious people treat the gays for example. If there wasn't religion for people to blindly follow they would stand on their own and have their own feelings and ideas. Yeah, people want power, like hitler, but he hated on the jews and look what happened! You don't get it man, religion is power. We don't need power, we need peace.
  16. I'm sure that without religion, plenty of people would still hate gays. Humans just hate each other because we can, religion is just another excuse to perpetuate that hate.

    Also, you're not suggesting that WW2 was a religious war are you? While you're correct that people have and currently are persecuted for their choice of religion (Kind of why a bunch of people came to America...), a lot of "religious" wars are fought for power and resources. What better way to rally a group then to tell them that these guys killed the son of your god?

  17. Groucho Marx! ;)

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  18. You don't have to disregard spirituality along with religion. Science and deeper beliefs are not exclusive.

    It sounds like what you're talking about is Deism, which does involve a belief in "God" while still applying logic and reason, no bible bullshit. Google it.
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    No where in there did I suggest it was a religious war. And what you said proved my point. You think people would get so fired up if you stated your true intent? No, you are going to use something people care about. Religion. Its not supposed to be about power its supposed to be about love and respect. And you completely missed my point about gays, I was using that as an example. Honestly if the bible didn't say homosexuality was wrong do you think as many people would hate on them?
  20. John Lennon had it right. "Imagine there's no religion. No heaven or hell just sky above"

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