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Why I despise relationships

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Burnoutt, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So I've been doing some thinking, and I really do hate relationships in general (albeit being in one for 10 months now). Being 19, the majority of girls are still immature, clingy, needy, etc. They want promises of marriage, love, "growing old together", less than a year into a relationship.

    They want all of your time. You can't have a day to yourself, or a night with the boys without them getting upset. Although school should be a priority as it opens up the doorways for the rest of your life, most partners fail to see it that way.

    Not just girls in general. I feel that the bulk of people in my age group have the majority of these traits. Makes me feel like relationships at such a young age are are a waste of time.
  2. Hey man that's just how some...most females are at that age. Only thing you can do is tell her what's up or stay single till 25 then find a girl
  3. trust me ik what u mean in a lot of ways..ppl believe by a certain age u gota have everything figured many teen girls getting prego cause they think theyll marry the babies dad an have this whole unoriginal plan figured out,little do they find relationships & kids are a lot of work an should be taken more seriously..there are a lot of girls that want the same thing u do..time,space,being able to actually grow up to there full potential,you just gota keep looking or wait for her to come to u..member just don't wait to long
  4. Relationships during your teenage years are good practice for the real relationships you're going to have in your twenties and beyond. It's how you learn and grow.

    But being single at 19 is probably a good bet for you right now. Play the field, taste the different cuisines, have fun. When you do find someone to click with, all the bullshit is always worth having someone to love and share your life with.

    Plus, regular sex is boss.
  5. This right here. Also good practice and all that, yada yada :p
  6. i'm with you 100% on this
  7. Marriage, love, and growing old together? God that sounds just awful..

  8. The point of my post, if you even read it, was the negatives that come with the majority of relationships during the younger years.

    Marriage, love, and growing old together? I'm all for it.
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    Ive seen the same negatives with friends who are in their late twenties and thirties.

    No sex, or free time. Missed a concert because a friends wife was a slow arse and tickets sold out to a show she happened to not want to see. Awkward time drinking while playing a game with friends because their wife and kid are sitting there awkwardly staring at their phones. I dont think all your issues will dissapear just because they aged a few years.

    Yes, I did read your post. Neediness is pretty common no matter the age.
  10. yea i havnt been in a relationship yet, but my best friend who just got with his first gf was telling me about her request for marriage and kids at a planned age.

    female or male im just not into the whole life planning thing. A complete turnoff for me and it drives me away from wanting to have a relationship
  11. See this is why you get a girl you are friends with benefits with. You have sex with her and hangout with her and watch movies and smoke with her and all of that shit...but at the end of the day, you aren't together. You can blow her off and go hang with your boys or just be alone and not have to worry about being bitched at.

  12. i have this for the first time in my life, and while some aspects are frustrating as fuck, what you said is usually the case like 90% of the time
  13. Oh yeah it can be really frustating sometimes but I prefer it to relationships right now unless I am madly in love with a girl.
  14. Your a young dude! unless you have really found someone worthy of spending the energy and accepting there energy, perhaps just enjoy being young discover the world and it's a big place to discover Don't confuse romantic relationships with meaningful connections that last a period of time embrace that but don't let it define your or the other party. look if your truly lucky enough to find a man or women or being to spend time with and it is mutually beneficial soak those things up with a biscuit bro Just enjoy other people and don't try to label it as something simply enjoy the moment till it passes.

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