Why i cant smoke weed anymore.

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  1. Hi all i am an ex member from this forum and i just want to post a shortish version of my story. I'd urge everyone here to read especially begginers. It all started about a year ago. I was getting into smoking weed, i enjoyed it most of the time. It was fun, sometimes on my own, in fact i socialized a lot but i used to enjoy smoking weed on my own in my room actually. Listening to music and all it was good. Anyways i remember when i first got into it, i smoked puff, or hash? I remember just sitting down and getting real lazy, i used to smoke it with a mate a couple of years back, and he always used to love playing football while stoned. Anyways i then tried the real plant, the strong stuff and the first time i smoked it i smoked it like a cigarette. Being 14 back then and all, i didnt have a clue. I took about 14 hits and then bam! It hit me just like that. The high was pretty scary, in fact it was awful. My heart was racing, and i felt like i was in another world. A bubble. My legs were killing meto when i was trying walk. My friends all took the piss but were alright about it the next day. I obviously had a shitty trip, and it honestly was scary as hell.

    About two years later i experiemented again, this time in my room and each time it hit me it was awful, but after 20 mins :smoke: :D. Fucking fantastic. I remember when i was 16 the first time i got to stay home while family were on holiday i smoked a whole £10 worth to myself in one night, which is a shit load for me. Panic? Yep but i loved it it was crazy and i stayed up the whole night coming down at about 6am. Anyways about a month later, while sober i noticed i started to feel disconnected from things. My family, my thoughts, and i felt like i was in a dream. Depersonalization i have learned it was. Shitting myself was i. Sober as hell and feeling like im more high than the times i was when i was stoned or drunk. It took me 6 months to come out of it. But here i am today and i feel almost 100%. Im not blaming weed at all for what happened to me. I panicked but i countinued to smoke it. i want to smoke it still but i know it does me no good, some people just cant. If youre someone who panics, NOT just get paranoid but actually panics more than half the time, then id urge you to stop. I have nothing against weed most of my friends smoke it but its not for everyone.

    I now chillout with a few beers each night, sometimes on my own but i dont get depressed and i tend not to get fuckedfaced on my own. Its just a nice relaxing buzz where i feel on the level enough but as i said before id really like to smoke weed again. Anyone recommend any drugs that i could do that have anti anxiety effects? Honestly the only drugs i do is alcohol and benzos. Thanks for reading. Happy toking everyone enjoy your lives and be thankful you dont suffer from anxiety :(. lol. Seriously though peace :wave:
  2. Thats a shame, weed definitely isn't for everybody. Have you only smoked weed? I've never vaped, but i've heared it's a different high, maybe you might enjoy that?

    And also, if £10 is a lot of weed in a night, only smoke small amounts and give it 10 mintues before you start feeling the effects. Smoking loads in one go is more likely to bring on bad panic attacks,
  3. I skimmed, but uhh what? You now do Benzo's and Booze? Uhh, oookay.

    Weed is anti-anxiety. Or at least it can evolve into that. When I first started smoking I got paranoid relatively easily, was it because we were outside and I was constantly worried about walkers/po-po? Sure, but I also think it's just your body acclimating to THC specifically. My reasoning behind this is that if you take marinol, a 100% THC pill or say Gold hash(or whatever it's called) that's like a 90% THC oil, patients usually freak out. The high you get from weed is a mixture of all the cannabinoids. CBD, THC, and CBN all combine to give the euphoric high that most of us know about.

    When you are first beginning I feel like the body isn't used to THC, which is usually a much higher % in bud then the CBD or CBN. Like a 20% cannabinoid bud may be 12% THC, 4% CBD, and 4% CBN.

    All I know man is weed is a way of life for me now, I completely recommend pushing through your paranoia phase.

    Even if you only do it for a hangover cure. I'm telling you cold pizza and tums isn't the best hangover cure, a bowl pack and a Gatorade will have me feeling right as rain.

    Also throw benzo's in the toilet, don't fuck with that shit.

  4. Haha cheers man. Yeah i didnt mean i do benzos regularly i meant it has an anti anxiety effect just like alcohol, well to me anyway. And i may well give weed another try, but i think if i do i might grow it. Im also pretty sick of overpaying drug dealers for it. I vertually like in the worst town to smoke weed even though a lot of people here smoke it. The deals are shit. The only good thing is drugs are easy assessable.
  5. Yeah when I started smoking I would get paranoid. I would also feel groggy the next day if I smoked before bed.

    Now I wake and bake, take a couple hits at lunch and smoke at night. Fucking great life I lead. It is just enough to take the edge off the day, rose colored glasses if you will.
  6. We have all been there mate. Everyone feels panic attacks if they try to fight the high, if you accept the fact you're trippin it is fucking beautiful. Trust me, really trust me :) :smoke:
  7. Dude that Depersonalization shit happened to me too :eek:
  8. I use gatorade for my weak stomach, it helps huge! Just saying that cuz in your post you menioned gatorade.
  9. So you went from the most harmless drug to two of the worst, harmful and dependence causing drugs all in the name of safety?

  10. It really was scary to say the least. Thought i was going schizophrenic. Funny now, but when i look back at it it was totally fucked up.
  11. I know what you mean, i know you got to let go. The first twenty minuted or so even though i kow im tripping i still cant help but feel unsettled with the heart pounding about 100mph but after a while i get used to it and just love it. Its just the kicking in bit that scares the shit out of me. I remember one night i was so baked it took me two hours to eat my dinner XD. I was staring at my plate for about 20 mins with the tv off. I remember being to fucking lazing to get up and turn it on so i just stared into space :D.

    Good times man good times.
  12. Fair enough with the diazapams man. even though that shit helped me with anxiety, using it for high is probably not best idea. But as for alcohol. sure it is bad if abused. You cant use alcohol like weed, and you use it all the time without having a major problem on the road coming. But at the same time, if you drink it in moderation its fairly safe. Its fine for a stoner to justify it and say its the safest drug in the world, thats fine and i would too. But i wouldn't go to anti alcohol i think thats a bit unfair. The shit wont hurt you unless you really over do it.

    The thing i miss most about weed is its ability to lift my mood. I am quite depressed as of recently im only 18 so its probably not best to drink alcohol alone or regularly. But i do feel the need to get high, because i need something now and then. i dont want to live my life being sober, but i dont want to be high all the time either. I respect both states of mind. I mean ive tried speed, cocaine, valium, and some legal stuff, and obviously weed, and as you say weed is the safest. But if i cant mentally handle it its something i have to accept and have. I need to find something not too hardcore to do at least once a week that wont harm me mentally or physically. And im no fool so im not choosing alcohol. Would be my worst nightmare.

    Anyways im starting to sound like an old tart now. xD
  13. Dude gotta drop the benzos. That stuff is no good for ya bud. I agree with whoever said smoke less wait longer. I would try that. Especially if you're smoking alone
  14. You do not need a high in your life. And there is nothing to look down upon a sober life. If you are depressed, the best thing you can do for yourself is stay sober for a while. Use each day of sobriety as an accomplishment and something to feel good about yourself. This is coming from someone who is currently depressed as well and I'm on my longest sobriety break to date.
  15. My problem is similar! After smoking for a year or so, on the daily I've developed anxiety. I took a break from it, but the anxiety stayed with me.. not sure where to go from here. Just grab your sack and keep it moving.
  16. Actually i take back what i said about alcohol. It is pretty shitty. I drank 4 bottles of budweiser last night with a few friends and then threw up ?? wasnt even drunk just typsy. With alcohol my body seems to reject it especially beer. And it feels more like im poisoned than a different state of mind :/. To be honest i like weed im just afraid ill end up going pychotic.

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