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    So in (Late August) I ordered a 400w HPS from them. I got the 4-sided rectangular reflector and a MH conversion bulb with it. Upon installing it into my room and testing it for a good week or so, I decided that there was no way that I could keep my temps down with the reflector I had, and it wasn't worth spending what I would need for a fan to do it alone...

    So I called up HTG Supply today and told them the lowdown, I had gotten it in a package deal, but I was trying to send the rectangular reflector so that I could pay them more and upgrade to a EURO reflector. (it has a glass pane and has 6" flanges for cooling)

    And they said no problem. I shipped the old reflector out this morning, gave them the confirmation number that the old one was on its way. Then I gave them payment info over the phone and they put the new reflector in the mail TODAY. It was paid for, but I still got it for $65 less than if I bought one separate brand new.

    Great customer service HTGSupply! Keep it up cause we love it!:wave:
  2. So they took your money and shipped a product, rocking indeed. You may also want to remove your order date, irrelevant information that nobody needs to know when you're ordering grow supplies. Safety first.

    Good luck w/ the grow.

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