Why herb made me atheist

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  1. >I used to believe in a god. But then i smoked herb and it changed my thought process. I started to question things and church seemed...cultist. Im not saying all smokers are atheist, but to those who are questioning supernatural beliefs, it may help push you there. The psychoactive effects have changed me as a person, because my outlooks on reality have changed. I would have to give props to mary jane for helping me sort out these important issues and assistance in oberserving situations for what they really are.:smoke:
    >Of course, even herb cant disprove the existance of something that has never been proven. So i would have to remain at 99.9 percent certainty.
  2. I ate shrooms.

    It made me into a deer.
  3. Props to shrooms as well:hello:
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    i proved god to myself and went into sensory overload, best high EVER, completely telepathic like a weed high times infinity

    i mean 'god' as love not some creator bs god

    lets elevate, celebrate and never hate
  5. Weed showed me the supernatural exists. Before I though ghosts were just stories but now I know they are real.

  6. Lmao:hello:
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGPn1ZhIqb8]YouTube - South Park - Ghost Hunters HD[/ame]
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    I was pretty much a hardcore atheist until I smoked lol. I was raised in a catholic family, we didn't go to church but were taught that God is there mainly. I stopped believing it when I turned like 13. Probably around the time I stopped believing in santa claus and shit lol.

    I was never sure God wasn't real, but I couldn't understand why it would exist, so I assumed it wasn't real. Then I smoked weed and my thoughts sort of changed. I felt like it's possible and it made more sense to me. Life looked so awesome and beautiful and it just made sense to me, I dunno. Then I tripped and now I'm pretty convinced that there is something beyond life. It makes sense in my mind. But I can understand how to some, it doesn't, because I've been there. Also, I'm not saying I became christian or anything like that, I just believe in an afterlife because to me it makes way more sense than it not existing. But I guess it's really all just about either believing life is really bizarre and completely random, or believing there is a point.
  9. Herb definitely made me more spiritual. If you allow it to, it will lead you to peace, whether that's spiritual in nature, more humanistic, or just more secular overall. I wish more people knew that.
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  10. I wouldn't say that cannabis made me an atheist, however, it has certainly helped me to expand and understand my beliefs (or lack thereof).

  11. if everybody did shrooms once the world would be a far better place:hello:most profound experiences i have ever had
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  12. +rep for Sagan. I like Feynman a lot too
  13. Feynman is a favorite of mine as well. I love his energy whilst teaching--he's such a pleasure to listen too.
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  14. Well we know the process evolution and death. So it may be disturbing to grasp that, but i find the reality fascinating. Although life may seem bizarre and uncommon, our world is not the only one we share in this vast universe. Random events happen far too often. Actually one could say that life is completely chaotic. If any point is to be made out of it, think of us as a way the universe can know itself. Amazing eh?
  15. lovely it is
    forever it is
  16. I wasnt joking dude. Ive had experiences as a kid and I never thought about them till I started smoking and looking into these things
  17. As kids our minds aren't fully developed so we may make irrational assumptions to explain certain phenomena. I'm not speaking for your particular situation but it's reasonable to say that kids are full of ignorance.
  18. And the experiences Ive had recently?
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    Yeah I'm not really athiest but agnostic, but agnostic can be viewed as athiest, It made me question religion and alot of stuff on life, but I already was questioning stuff before weed, weed just allowed me to speak about it to others socially. I felt relieved to find out others have similiar thoughts. The only thing we agree on is that it's plausible God may have existed or exists but the Churchs are corrupted because it's man made cult groups.

    So yeah the bible does speak about cults and false prophets. so in a way the bible does have good morals and stuff, but of course the bible is a man made tool. But alot of things are man made, how did we go from cave men to this sophesticated communication creatures and have so much advanced educational resources and technology available. it's amazing.

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