Why Hemp is illegal

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  1. This is the main reason why hemp is illegal.
    It can be used to make:
    Cotton substitute, Wood substitute, clothing, medicine, rope, fuel, food, paper, plastic, and pretty much anything you can make from cotton, wood, and petroleum. There are literally more than 25,000 uses for hemp.

    So this might not make sense to you, I'm sure you thinking "well why SHOULDN'T it be legal if it has all those uses?" Well its quite simple actually. Think about how much money the government makes in lobbying dollars from these companies. Billions of dollars in lobbying money. These are some of the most powerful lobbyist companies (Pharmaceuticals, Oil/Gas, Cotton, Wood, ect.) We're also not even talking about a smokable form of marijuana, were talking about Cannabis Ruderalis AKA Industrial Hemp. The THC in these plants is so low that its practically impossible to get high from them.

    So lets break it down, who would benefit from these Hemp being legal? Well first and foremost YOU would, the planet would, the forests and animals that live in said forests, just to name a few.

    Now who would lose due to it being legal? Well as mentioned above the following industries would: Pharmaceuticals, Oil/Gas, Cotton, Wood, ect. They potentially would all lose millions of dollars. But wait, they spend millions of dollars to keep this stuff illegal right? So the money they'd lose would actually be less significant because they wouldn't need to spend millions and millions of dollars keeping it illegal, however they'd still lose some money.

    Now think of the new industry that would open up due to this becoming legal. It could potentially cut our unemployment in half. Industrial hemp would create millions of new jobs.

    U mad?
  2. Yep its a pretty fucked up situation we got going on and more people need to know about it. I doubt weed would be illegal now if it wasn't for industrial hemp threatening corporate profits from Hearst and DuPont back when prohibition was first enacted.
  3. these companies dont make millions off of it not being legal, they make billions.

    thats why its illegal
  4. i feel bad just going to Hearst castle, but ya i think i can safely say the world would be a much better place if hemp was legal.

  5. exactly, they wouldent lose SOME money, they would lose basically all their money, or at least enough to make them completely change their way of busness/life.
    i think it wont be legal for this reason for another 40-50 years, when we finally pump the earth dry of its oil reserves.
  6. they would stand to make trillions if they industrialized hemp and smokeable marijuana.

    shit loads of taxes and they could IMPLEMENT hemp INTO cotton and the like to make a shirt like 25% hemp and 75% cotton and that kind of thing.

    im starting to think america is not telling us shit about what we're doing in other places. the whole world follows us in trends, our finances basically fucking control the global market, yet NO ONE has tried to invade us and take us over. i know we are a young nation but we rose to power FAST. it kind of smells a little fishy to me but, i could just be young and naive.... thats what they want us to believe...
  7. i know on the norml website it says my state has an active hemp production and we have legalized research and production of hemp.

    the laws are better than you think
  8. Yeah ive passed by a hemp production plant thing also. it was either in New York or New Jersey. dont remember lol but i was really shocked when i read the sign on the fence.

    Hemp is god

  9. It has a lot to do with the paper industry. And I disagree, there will be less jobs because of its productive capacities. However, making hemp illegal is so stupid because it's good for the planet. When that's gone, what's your money going to be worth?
  10. this must be the 8000th post stating the same facts.

    But one thing... Why is everyone so against big tobacco? It’s not an enemy against legalization. Big tobacco isn’t stupid.. They would be the first ones upon MJ's legalization to be licensed to package and sell marijuana cigarettes to the public. They won’t be losing out on any of the profit margin. They already have the verical integration to beat any of you to the market place.

  11. production? um what? you can't produce hemp in america, you have to import it.
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    Its amazing how ignorant people are when it comes to hemp. A lot of people will try and tell you "Hemp is not illegal! Marijuana is!" apply palm to face.

    When its legal on a federal level? Yeah. California via prop 19? No no.
  13. A lot of this statement might have been true back in the 80's, but not now. We are not half the global empire that we've helped other countries to become. Whatever real power we had has been sent over seas. We're basically just a country of losers and followers now. Sad, but true.
  14. It is not all of the industries like textiles,paper and oil that would lose all that much by switching over to the use of hemp fiber and seeds to replace the more expensive substances they use now in the production of their products,it is the landowners across the nation with pulpwood farms that take 20 years to mature and the lumber crops that big money has invested 30 years in raising. It's the Dow chemical company that owns the patents on the chemicals for converting pulpwood into paper,not needed with hemp,it is the satellite industries,such as BP and others that depend on the fuels of the world being based on petroleum and on top of this tree of dependence is a government that taxes and "makes deals" wielding their natural resources as a club over any other country that does not have access or production to petroleum.
    Hemp grows anywhere and could make too many countries independent and lose that control held over them for decades.
    It is all about the money and power.
  15. When has the higher ups ever told us the truth about anything? And the reason we have not been invaded is simple. There are a select few extremely powerful men that run the whole world. They have taken control of most countries. You may think our government is super powerful, but it's not. There are about 38 levels of power above the president.

  16. isn't this why weed was made illegal in the first place? because some racist came up with some bs about blacks and mexicans so he could protect business interests?
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    wait what about the hearst castle? i know there was some weed being grown in the off lands using their private water supply, but other than that...what?

    edit: just read about him with Anslinger, never knew that. although his family doesn't make money from the property, i'm not going there anymore

    still think it is funny weed was grown on the property recently
  18. What do you mean, we haven't been invaded? Have you forgotten Pearl Harbor, and 9/11? We are not impenetrable. And thanks to our shabby foreign policy, and war hungry image, we're not very well liked in a lot of parts in the world.

  19. Invaded as in taken over. Don't even get me started on 9/11. Skyscapers don't just fall down when one plan hits them. The heat from the fuel could never melt the steel, and osama was in an american military hospital the day before. Do some research you will be amazed what you will learn, or you could just keep believing everything you are told. Pot propoganda, ever heard of it? Oh it must be true, those commercials on the tee vee say so!:rolleyes:
  20. The main reason I (and probably many others) are so against Big Tobacco getting their greedy fucking hands on MJ once it's legalized, is they will do the same thing to the "innocent" marijuana plant as they did to the "innocent" tobacco plant, and that's process and manufacture it laced with all the same deadly shit they purposely put in cigarettes.

    Then, and likely only then, will we start seeing deaths associated with MJ, and it literally turns my stomach to think that our Government will allow this to happen. But I've got another post that covers that theory...

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