Why has this not been invented?

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  1. Okay so I work at a sears appliance store and we still inventory everything the old way and the other day I was thinking why not have a front loading two in one dryer and washer! It would take less raw materials, space and people like me would have their jobs done in half the time. I think it would also be convenient as hell to have an auto dry cycle after every wash.
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  3. One toke Over the line man…
  4. sounds like a good fucken idea to me!
    i can't have my washer and dryer open at the same time cause the doors hit each other. so that would nip this annoying first world problem right in the butt...
  5. Coulda made alot of money if I came up with this years ago. Sears needs to get their shit together and get with the program I havent seen one of these around the store.
  6. Or you can just switch them so the doors open away from each other and you can move your clothes over no doors in the way. And no first world anything needs to get nipped in the butt.
  7. Well...except for senseless laws, mindless violence, a rapidly deminishing economy, a corrupt system of government, and countless other things that should get nipped in the butt
  8. yeah i thought of that but is it really that easy? haha feel like its not or we would have already done that...maybe we're dumb...idk.
  9. Haha. I know this isn't a do it your self forum. Haha but still. You just need to make sure that the hoses and shit still reach your valves and shit connected to your house. You may need longer cords, hoses and ducting. If not, it's as simple as disconnecting all that, physically moving them and re connecting everything back where try came from.

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