Why grow legally if a dispensary gets raided, then they will have your records..

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  1. Why get the permit? Why get the licenses? Why grow "legally"? If a dispensary gets raided, then the FEDs will seize all records, thus they will have YOUR records...    
    I just realized.. dispensary will not do business with you unless you are in full compliance of the state, correct? But then you're still putting yourselves out there for the FED..

  2. *shifty eyes* :ph34r:
  3. maybe ..Im sure there are loop holes..
  4. If you're legal by the state, I don't think the Feds would bother coming after you.  They got their big fish.  Would cost too much to go after all the little fish.
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  6. Growing legally doesnt mean you have to sell to a dispensary, quite a few people grow legally for personal use and there are caregivers that grow legally for others as well.

    As far as selling to a dispensary, here in CO you have to register with the state so yes the paperwork is there for the feds. If you dont like it, sell popsicles or something. The mj business isnt for everyone.
  7. Easy fix....after they waste a shit ton of money to come grab you for a personal grow, wait for the DA to offer you a plea bargain...then tell him to go get fucked, and you want to take it in front of a JURY that has the right to decide the facts and the law, and contrary to what a corrupt judge says, has the RIGHT to vote with their conscience. In this day and age at least 4 out of 12 will vote NOT GUILTY. You only need 1. After the third attempt to get you to take a Plea Bargain the DA may or may not go fuck himself....but he will give up on trying to fuck YOU! And that is called the "Go Fuck Yourself Chump" defense....and if you aren't dealing...it will work!
  8. They are out to get your money.  It's a trick.  It is still as illegal as it ever was and if you are cutting the Fed or State out of the deal (just as the MOB would) they are coming after you.  I've seen some reports where the States are looking at 50% a take.  Govt is always looking for a way to make money w/o doing anything.
  9. Rule of thumb: When the state needs money, the people will pay.
    And those fuckers need money!
  10. this means no scales and/or money you can't account for.
  11. That makes sense...
  12. Make sure to pay your taxes.  I'd be more worried about them seeing how much money was paid out to you.  Generally the last line of screwing the Govt. will throw at you is to report you to the IRS.  The most powerful federal agency out there.  Don't believe me, then your lucky enough that you never had to deal with them.
  13. ook so dont leave a paper trail?
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    You started the thread assuming they would have your records did you not?  Seriously what do you think would be in your records that the dispensary keeps?  Generally any business keeps records of how much they pay vendors.  Tax evasion is a top reason dispensaries are investigated in the first place.
    I'm kind of confused by your response, why else would they keep such records?  I thought money being priority was covered a couple of posts up.
  15. I figured why would a grower want get a permit / license or be under state compliance and or deal with/sell/buy from people who are also within state compliance since if the FE d busts someone (for something silly like maybe have 10 plants more than they should or tax evasions etc...) then they can have the information on everyone thus you ARE unquestionably under their radar.... Whats the incentive to be under full state compliance if the Fed is still bust people who are under state compliance?
  16. I assume you are talking about growing to sell at a dispensary... if you are growing your personal medicine your records are not being held anywhere..
    so unless you're growing pounds and slangin all over town you got nothing to worry about, in California at least
  17. mass is where im at..we r new to it,ive read all the laws,you can't sell to disp. Here,they have to grow on property as well..as far as state legal I am..your right feds want the bigger picture,they'll get on board eventually with state..truly its all about piece of mind...im a 40 vet toker smoker grower..funny I was more nervous about goin legal..lmao..were like moonshiner's show...keep it in the woods..or in your home half legal...roflmao..sorry I had a moment it was funnier in my head..

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  18. No, i understand! :p
    To everyone else....I'm sure I'm not the only one who worries about making a fatal mistake with the rules and regs.... Maybe you  accidentally go over the legal limit? (example: Whats the diff is between seedlings, clones, trimmings, veg status plants and blooming/flowing plants AND the dried product..and lets say you're also having a problem getting rid of it..)  anyways, my point is the fed wont even know anything about you if you dont go "legal".. I feel like going legal is just a way to get on their black list, eventually they will come around to you and decided if your worth busting...
    I AM NOT ADVOCATING IN ANYWAY THAT ONE SHOULD DEAL ILLEGALLY :ph34r: ... im just talking here...trying to understand things...and seeing what the general consensus on this topic... :wave:
  19. I say grow your own regardless of what rhetoric the star and feds will spew over the bigger, commercially-oriented operations. Just get a grow room or a tent set up and some good clones (while they are still available for sale) and learn to grow your own. Eventually, you'll get good and be able to grow better shit than you'll get at the dispensaries, anyway. That's the best way to "protest" the state stores and the lies that were told back in the beginnings of I-502.

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