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Why Grind Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mitch7, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. When i pack a nug into a pipe it fills the pipe alot more than if i grind it up and put it in the pipe.. it also burns alot slower and i can get more hits out of it when its not grind-ed . I understand grinding your weed for a J cause then it fits into the joint alot better and wont cut it open but are you supposed to grind your weed for a bowl, break it up abit, or smoke the nug how it is? I grind it sometimes but i want to know what i should do so that i can get the best out of my chron.
  2. i just break it up for bowls
  3. Some ppl grind up their weed so the crystals dont get wasted on their fingers and if your grinder is nice it will have a keef screen/catcher. Personally i like buliding up keef so i grind for bowls, and sprinkle keef ontop when i have it :smoke:
  4. I throw it in a mini container and butcher the bud with scissors when i grind.. i never was the container, is there a way i can get keif out of it?
  5. I thought you could make hash or whatever out of the built up kief in the kief catcher. I've allways wanted to try that. Its supposed to be hella easy
  6. I grind my weed for bongs, pipes, etc. I find it gives more smoke per hit, a very milky, concentrated hit will give u a shit load of thc, and you'll get higher with less hits!
  7. Harder to roll a j from the THC stickyness. So i use the grinder, which does have a kief catcher, to finely grind it up.

    It's all preference..but i like to use my current technology, especially since i got the grinder as a gift. Might as well put it to use..
  8. Finally, a guy with common sense on this forum. I never grind and get much higher that way.

  9. you should get a nylon paint brush to brush off the extra crystal on the sides :hello: its hella easy

    idea from 4sheezy :smoke:
  10. Do you break it up at all? or do u just pack in the whole nug and brew it? i ussually rip off the stem and smoke it up..
  11. Yeah that ms exactly how I smoke it. Like you said I find it burns longer and I get a better buzz out of it

  12. LOL 2 beer beth
  13. Yeah i just packed two pipes. one with it grinded and i got big hits out of it and it stayed lit but it only gave like 3 or 4 hits where as the untouched bud got 6 or 7 hits before it was even ash
  14. I just break it up with my hands, or use scissors and a shot glass when I'm rolling a J (I don't roll J's very often). I don't even have a grinder. But I'm planning on getting one for when I start growing and I have a lot more weed.

  15. Can you say for sure that each hit was the same size and that both bowls weighed the exact same? Perhaps you get less hits out of the ground-up one because it is more dense (When you pack it) and therefore easier to take larger hits (not easier to actually TAKE but easier to draw.)
  16. I think ground smokes better. Yeah, it seems to go faster, but that's because the hits are denser, and usually cooler. I think they taste better. Basically, the smoke is more enjoyable.

    As an aside, I smoke with a one hitter, so ground bud makes it much easier to pack a good bowl. Finely ground bud from the bottom of the bag really packs in there and gives me a good smoke.
  17. Both bowls were P3 and with the grinded i found once i hit it the whole thing was practiclly ash where as the bud i could hit it then push it with the lighter then have more green to shred
  18. In conclusion to my own question i would say grinding it alot is bad because it burns to quick and not grinding it is bad because you dont get full hits and miss alot of the weed in the middle. i would say tearing it up is the best choice, but dont tear it up with your fingers.. somone please argue cause i would love there oppinion
  19. Just did the same thing. Weighed them both out and I find it alot better ground.
  20. ground fine or just torn up abit so it isnt a full bud? I found the smoke came easier with the grinded stuff but got more with the torn.. fullbud was shit

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