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Why go 24-0 light schedule ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by TheStress, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Just wondering under what circumstances would you go from a 18-6 lighting schedule to 24-0. I'm not sure what the benefit of the plant not sleeping is and when someone would apply it. If someone could sprinkle me with a little knowledge please :) Thanks in advance
  2. Good question. The benefits of a 24hr photoperoid vs. an 18hr one are debatable. Many old school cats such as Ed Rosenthal will swear by a 24hr photoperiod but I say it is preference. During dark cycles, stomata close thus halting gas exchange through photosynthesis. So many will say that 24hrs of light will result in faster vegetative growth thus speeding up the grow cycle. Also, internodes can often stretch during dark cycles so 24hrs may keep the plants shorter and bushier. Some strains seems to flourish in 24/0 lighting where as some will show stress and benefit from a little "rest" from the light. Some folks even like 20/4 cycles just to give the plants a break for a little bit. I would suggest to start out at 24/0 and see how it goes for a few days. If the plants are not showing much vigor at this point, perhaps give them some dark period and see how they respond to it. They will tell you what they like :) Peace
  3. Plants don't sleep,well they don't need to rest,I would imagine the most popular awnser would be to save on power,money.But then again theres a saying that you can hear the corn growing at night which god knows where it came from.I've read just about every book on cultivation of marijuana plus other non pot related botany literature.And I cannot remember any scientific experiment proveing one over the other.As long as plants have what they need they grow so I leave mine on 24hours.
    Also some strains are hard to keep for mothers as they eventually will start to flower under any darkness so this would also be an application.
  4. 24/0 increases the chance of hermi plants. To much stress.
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    Yeah, I often veg with 18/6, depending on the strain, but my mothers are always under 24hr lighting nonstop.

    And not a hermie in the bunch! That typically only happens with poor genetics. I have had plants that grew in hellish conditions without a single stigma whereas some from unreliable dispensaries that would hermie with the slightest stress.
  6. Appreciate the quick responses. If I just topped my plants would it be better to give them a "rest" or continue the 24-0 ?

    Interesting to know you guys go 24-0 i assumed most went 18-6

    Would the hermie issue not apply with feminine seeds ?
  7. I would personally give them a 4 hour rest every night (20/4) at first. Just to ensure they wont be to stressed. Then move to 18/6. And, a feminized genetic can hermi even easier than a regular seed.

  8. This is true. Often "feminized" seeds were made using giberellic acid on a female plant to induce stigma development. Somehow these traits can sometimes pass on to the offspring and they are just waiting to pop some bananas and screw the whole grow...
  9. I've been growing indoors/outdoors for over 15 years and never had a hermie and I've always used 24 hrs. any cannabis plant can hermie.but if well taken care of and ur gettin hermie plants i would say its time to throw it out and start the journey over.
  10. You've used 24/0 outdoors?
  11. most def especially when DP first started to sale "female" seeds,b4 they became "feminized" I got some freako mutant plants and some where flat out males.But they have def advanced they r much more stable presently
  12. Great info thanks again GC
  13. I've takin plants from 24 to outside and 24 to 12/12 easy enough?
  14. u r from earth there are places that get 24 hours of light
  15. Yeah. Like Alaska? Wouldn't that be a little cold?
  16. yeah but greenhouses,skylights,arbortorium(is that spelled right) could be used.and personally if i was in a medical state I would have a greenhouse with suplemental lighting 24 hours to get the most weed for plant # restrictions.I would try to run heat underground if I had to so I could plant in the ground in january or someshit.
  17. Yeah, if I lived somewhere like that, I'd figure it out. Probably just an extension to your house, with LOTS of big windows. That way you could use your house to keep it heated.
  18. yeah but I wouldn't want to use containers that would be the hard part,I'd have a compost pile size of my house thats fer sure

    while we have a coversation on this dudes thread was question awnsered ya think:laughing:
  19. hahaha, we can only dream... And, wait.:eek:

  20. Very funny and very untrue. Don't listen to nonsense.

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