Why flower when so short?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skeeter, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Hey Peeps,

    Why do so many (obviously talented) gardeners begin the flowering phase when the plants are still so small. I understand that for people looking for big yields for their space, this is smart, but...

    What if a grower is only growing for personal use, and has a full 7' high ceiling in the grow room. If the space is 4 x 8 x 7 high, and only 3 or 4 plants will be grown, would it make sense to let them get to 18 or 24 inches before forcing flowering, or will this result in plants higher than 7 feet at harvest?

    I looked for an answer in Sidious' grow guide, but I didn't see one.

    Thanks for helping a newbie,
  2. Depends on the strain, sativa might grow as tall as 7' indoors. If growing in soil you want to flower at 12" or when you reach 7-8 nodes.
  3. What's this about deciding when your pot flowers??!!

    I seriously thought they just flower when they flower??? I mean, i've only grown a few plants and they just flower whenever

    Can someone clear this up for me?
  4. vatoloco, why flower at 12" though? That is the part I don't understand. Why not let em get taller? Would that not produce more yield from a small number of plants (like 4 or less)?

    Let me rephrase:
    If I want to grow only 4 plants in a decent sized room, should I let them veg to taller than 12", and if the answer is no, why not?

    Thanks to all who can help.

    p.s. Bakaked_- you can force a plant to flower by exposing it to 12 hours light, then 12 hours dark. A better explanation will be found in a grow guide. Check Sidious' sig for the link.
  5. So if it gets 12 hours of light it flowers??? Mine flowered and they only get maybe 9 to 11
  6. 7 feet less the distance from light less the height of the pots.Plus a plant normally doubles its size in flower.
  7. ....shouldn't that mean I should kick it into flowering at about 24 to 30 inches?

    This is slightly confusing, because I hear of many who start flowering at 12", but if a plant only doubles its height in flowering, doesn't that mean their plants are only about 2 feet tall? Since I am not going for Sea Of Green, but just 4 plants (and I don'r plan on frequent grow cycles either- shouldn't I let em get taller before I go to 12/12 and start flowering?

    Can anyon please answer this one?


  8. If growing sativa, then you can let it grow as tall as it wants before switching to 12/12...but with an indica or a hybrid you can tell that it's ready to flower around 12". Say you let your plant grow to 18" (1 1/2ft) before inducing flowering...by the time it comes to harvest the plant will have doubled, maybe even tripled in size...from 3 - 4 1/2 ft. You've got to take things into account if you want them to grow that tall...the pots and lights will both take up vertical space.
  9. Well Ill take a stab. My closet is about 7' high I usually try to finsh mine no more than 3' high my reasons...................

    1 Light intensity decreases with height, unless you had a lot extra light the bottom would suffer

    2 Rule of thumb says 1 gal soil per foot of growth (you really want to move around and manage 7 gallon buckets in a closet?)

    3 PLants get bushy when veggin, one fully developed 6-7' would not do well in such a confined space.

    4 Harvest time, start to finish for me is about 3mos, I would guess double that for a 6' plant

    Good luck
  10. hey how tall should i wait for my t44's to get befor flowering im thinking 12'' but im not sure how tall this strain gets like my pots r 1 foot high and my ceiling is 7foot and my light is about 15inch away from the tops its a 400watt hps it dont get realy hot plus i have a fan blowing on the tops all day i havent got them planted yet but im just getting some info on the strain befor i grow it so i can get good yeild
  11. Thanks to all who helped me with this question. I now understand why I should induce flowering at 12".

    The combination of one gal soil per foot and the fact that light won't penetrate the canopy if the plant gets too tall sound like great reasons to veg to 12 inches.



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