Why dosnt anyone like me

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gunja Fairy, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Why wont anyone ever talk to me??

    I really wanna a pen pal
  2. we'd ...
    I'd rather you present yourself, or make me lough, or sad. make me feel something.
  3. ouuups I didn't see that one..
    well HI !

    welcom to the city, enjoy the ride.
  4. Welcome to the city... All you have to do is join in on some forum discussions.. We all like to talk!
  5. welcome to the city! lol we'd be more than happy to talk to yea!! get in those forums! :)
  6. Welcome stoner,
    Pick ya head up and smile,thats what this site brings
    join the fun.
  7. g,day mate .Welcome to the city. Carn the Bombers,lol.:D
  8. Ello Mate, hows the weather down under? Damn I wish I was Crocodile Dundee... Sorry I got carried away. I dunno about buyin' stamps and shit but you can sure send me PM's whenever you like. But anyway welcome to the big ass mess of stoners that we call Grasscity!
  9. one, two three, seven, ten, hello!!!

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