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why don't you have your medical marijuanna card?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by srhs, May 28, 2010.

  1. just a little curious about some of the reasons why you guys don't get your cards. i'm thinking about getting mine soon.:D
  2. Because I fail to qualify for the needs of it, and if I were to get one when i dont need it, its going to make it very difficult for people who actually NEED it to be able to get a med card it in the long run.
  3. Because my state is a ra-tard and won't pass medical use

  4. Haha you believe that?
  5. Because I don't live in a MMJ state.
  6. because i live in maryland. if i did live in a state with medical merrywanna, i'd be able to get one. broke my back in 4 places a couple years ago. i'd really like to go to a doctor and say "i have chronic pain, so i need some chronic for my pain."

    i take a vicoden or two every now and then, but don't really like opiate painkillers, and when i get high i legitimately feel less pain.

  7. yes, Im pretty sure they passed a bill in colorado that makes it a lot harder to get a MMJ card, I dont think its in effect yet though
  8. Hahaha. Don't get it twisted when you hear about "compassionate care givers". Medical Marijuana is a business first and for most. And the people who actually need marijuana have no issues getting it. There are different "levels" of mmj cards so to speak. I can't speak on the other states but where i'm from the majority of people don't NEED marijuana. Your a morally strong person if that really is your reason tho.

  9. Ya I guess, also my best friends bro is a care giver so i get hooked up with the same shit:)
  10. Ahhhhhhhhh.......... i knew there had to be something else. No one has those type of morals these days.
  11. I think a lot of answers will be "it's not legal in my state"


  12. Yes, location.

  13. haha seriously what has this world come to;)
  14. This is mostly true, but I've thought about myself, about getting a MMJ card.
    When I first thought about it maybe four months ago, I didn't really think I have a legit reason.

    Now I've come to realize that I have my reasons, although getting a card in Finland probably
    requires neurological, physiological etc. issues. I have ADD, depression and sleeping problems.
    So, after this illumination from within, I actually wouldn't even have to feel bad about owning a card.

    Moving to California by myself sounds like a great idea,
    but a lot of things have to be done before I can even consider it.
  15. if i could just walk into a doctors office and get one, I'd be first in line. Sadly, there are requirements for the card that I don't fill. That's why I don't have my medical marijuana card.
  16. i dont qualify since im in jersey and our mmj policy is fucking outrageous...since i dont have aids/cancer/ms/glaucoma/other debilitating illness i cant get it...although i really could use it for my inability to sleep which is one reason i toke nightly before i go to bed
  17. This. There's almost no way we'll get it.
  18. I'm actually in the process of applying for mine right now. Fortunately in Canada it's relatively easy to get it. I tore the ACL and co-latteral meniscus tendons in my knee a while back in a kick boxing incident. I had surgery but it didn't work and I'm left with chronic pain. I also have psychological disorders that qualify me.

    Just need to find a doctor that's on board with medicinal now though.

    Happy Tokin
  19. because i live in NC?
  20. Because Florida cant get with the damn program.

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