why don't you ever hear about other illegal grows

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  1. I NEVER hear about cultivation of cocaine or opium grows. Why? You would think that with the addiction thing that people would be trying to grow out their drug of choice.
  2. Cocaine and opium requires a lot more than a closet. Also a lot more man power. Not to mention I've never heard of a coca seed for sale.
  3. If you could get it to live, you could probably grow coca plants out in the yard, unnoticed. The "getting it to live" part is supposed to be difficult? [​IMG]
  4. Well, cocaine requires a lot of chemicals to get rid of the plant material, kerosene is one of them. I heard opium is easy to grow, but hard to discreetly harvest outdoors.
  5. Opium plants are poppies. Very easy to grow my whole front yard is cover in Poppy's. Not all of them produce opium but a good portion do. Its easy to harvest and very different when smoked. I also grow 5 kind of Saliva Divinorum, 7 types of mushrooms, 15 type morning glories(not all are psychedelic), dagga and trying to my hands on some wormwood. I also distill all my own alcohol from the grains that I grow in my backyard. Not to mention I make homemade beer. The only thing I buy is the brewers yeast. Haven't figured out how to culture that effectively yet. Generally you don't hear about other illegal grows is cause your on the wrong forum for that or nobody ever asks. My general principle when it comes to drugs if I don't grow it I don't do it.
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    You don't hear about opium busts because opium poppies are a very commonly used decorative plant, and are completely legal to grow in most places.

    You only break the law when you start harvesting the opium resin, and since lots of people are growing them for decoration, the police don't generally give them a second thought even if they see them.

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