Why dont we see commercials for marijuana

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  1. Now when i saw commercials for marijuana i dont mean hey make it legal so we can smoke it when ever but why havent there been any commercials comparing weed to things like tabacco and alcohal when u show the stats of all three weed blows the other two out of the water forthe better.soooo why hasnt any of the at least 50% of americans that support marijuana use tryed to make one i can see it isnt easy but come on if we can show everyone what we may read on the internet with a reliable source then why not do it it could change many peoples minds and why not show and remind people of the things that the govt has lied about......just one commercial
  2. how bout this, if a TV station plays a pro-marijuana commercial, its ratings are gonna go down the toilet, cuz the majority of society doesnt want their kids smoking weed, or told that weed is less dangerous than alcohol/cigarettes when so many people use alcohol/cigarettes and its acceptable

    so a tv station isnt gonna fuck their ratings for some potheads
  3. Because it's incredibly expensive.
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    government says its bad for you and you should go to rehab or jail you potsmoking maniac ;)
    yeah, i m willing to bet even if you had the money and were ready to air the commercial some powerful organization is going to stop you. I just dont get it, I drink for 2 days in a row I feel like a wreck. I smoke weed for life and im happy. whats wrong with being happy?
  5. i dont know norml's budget but im sure they have the money to at least put a low budget commercial out there but they havent. hmm.. billboards, we should do it through billboards.
  6. Rather, I'd like to see a giant billboard that says "The drug war kills more people than Marijuana itself. Then, maybe show a picture of Alberto Sepulveda, AN 11 YEAR OLD CHILD WHO WAS SHOT DEAD, IN THE BACK, WITH A SHOTGUN, WHILE LYING FACE DOWN ON GROUND WITH HANDS ON HIS HEAD, FOLLOWING POLICE ORDERS. Those sick fucking pricks.
  7. It's useless. Sure someone might try and make one, but if you make a pro-marijuana commercial then there's a 99.9% chance that you're a stoner. When this ad is about to make its way to TV someone is going to offer a lot of money for you not to put that commercial out. And just think of all the bud you could smoke with that money instead of putting the commercial on the air.

    Sounds like a good way to make money though...I think I'm going to try and come up with one now and try and get enough money to pay a telivision station to play it and see if someone will pay me not to do it.
  8. its called the govs

    govs controll everything, they dont want their market crashed plus weed cant be tax
    govs know this, that why they bring up the bullshit reason kids who smoke pot is most likey drop out of high school blah blah...
    and that brings another reason why alcohol and cigs are legal, so they can make shit load of money, they do not care bout people health and their lives
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    its probably against the law to encourage people to break the law. It'd be like "Hey my wife was stressing me out and wouldn't put out anymore, so i capped the Bitch. Murder, a dish best served cold." How do you think Americans would react to that?

    granet that is a bit extreme, but it would techniquely be the same in the gov's eyes.

    If anything would be done it would have to be about hemp, not marijuana. How hemp is the best fibre out there, the seeds have the most protien you can find in the natural enviroment, and all that good stuff. Get on that billboard idea though!
  10. You can't put an advertisement on public television or airwaves, promoting an illegal substance... you just can't.

  11. your not "promoting an illegal subtance" your telling people it shouldnt be legal in the first place. murder is wrong and should be illegal so it doesnt stand a chance making a commercial for murder. but weed is close to legalization. im in california and its practically legal here. been cought numerous times with weed and paraphanilia they always let me keep it.

    something else to think about. every job application mentions marijuana in my state.
  12. newspaper ads would be a start
  13. You people do realize that somebody actually has to pay for advertising.... right?

    It's not a free public service.

  14. [​IMG]
  15. They did. It was kind of a parody of prescriptions drug adds, with a drug called "Sativex" or something, with the effects being those of weed, and then at the end it had norml's website URL, etc. I have no idea why they didn't just do a commercial like the OP said. Even just black background, white text, comparing weed to other drugs, legal and illegal, and it would have been 1000x more effective.
  16. Wow, you must take us for fools. Oh, wait...

  17. Not ALL of you.
  18. money and lobbyists
  19. No tv station will promote an illegal substance even if it isn't harmful
  20. are they allowed to put ads for cigs or hard A on tv?

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