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why dont people like smoking the ''Gunk'' from a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jayjay5396, May 6, 2011.

  1. i cant understand why people think its horrible its yukky its this its that, yes its kinda messy but when smoked it feels GOOD!!! ether am smoking good Gunk or you guys just dont wanna smoke it

    ok its not the best taste but appart from that its a goooood hit i just had a cloud there n am stoned man come on people ya gotta smoke it not chuck it
  2. alot of us grow and are too busy smokin our harvest/ home made hash from the trim.
  3. I admit I do smoke the scrapings from my pipe. But only when I'm out and can't re up for a bit. The high is definitely a dirtier high, and tends toe give me a headache. But it's a last resort when your out and in pain.
  4. cause its dirrrrty :p
  5. because its the gunk lol :smoke:
  6. I moved interstate for a few years where my usual connection could only get to me every 8months or so, this was the only time (so far) I've smoked the "gunk".

    But you're right it still got me decently high and it was better than nothing for when I has the craving.
  7. We just have a more seasoned palette than most.
  8. I don let any of my smoking devices build up "gunk". Thats why I dont smoke it. Not to mention the taste.
  9. Cuz we rich in this biatch
  10. Why dont people eat the shit that comes out of their ass? Because its shit...

    Why dont people smoke the gunk that comes from a pipe? Because its gunk...

  11. why smoke dirt when you can smoke gold?

    some people can afford to have good taste.

    I dont see why you cant understand this.
  12. And just like the problem people have with not having enough weed, we could cure world hunger if people ate their own shit. Lots of good nutrients go to waste in the poops we take.
  13. What's with all the hate on res? Send me your cannabis poop and i'll gladly smoke it.
  14. yeah you all have point n yeah i agree it dont taste good but nether does whisky but we still drink it coz of the effects it gives us,

    the resin i get from my pipe is GOOD but not good taste if you do smoke it the skunk gunk takes awhile to build up but is way stronger than dope gunk

    to those of you reffering to shit if you think about it that gunk is processed smoke theres nothing filthy about it when we smoke skunk we make gunk its just tar from the skunk we smoke yeah it messy but thats nothing what 2 knives cant sort out its kinda easy i love to smoke it if anybody wants tips on smoking gunk please post i will tell you
  15. There's no need to smoke pipe "gunk" when you have bud. I always have bud. ;)
  16. From my experience resin highs are just as good as regular highs. Whenever I finish whatever bud I have I smoke all the resin in my pipe before I get more.
  17. i personally see the resin as a double edge sword.On one hand it gets the job done,but on the other hand it's bad for your lungs,i still keep it my resin for those rainy days when i don't got any bud and don't got money to get more,then i break it out.

    no w8,that's a lie,i have at times added resin to a bowl full of bud just to give it a kick.:p
  18. your a lucky guy m8 i only get a 20 bit once a every 2 weeks it last a couple of days then am skint no money i have just started growing maybe al be in the same position as you in a few month time

    i hope so aint spent all this money on a 400w HPS light for nothing am gonna grow me bud then make some home made soild out of it so i have the luxuary of smoking both
  19. isnt any smoke at all bad for your lungs??? not that am complaining i love smoking all forms of weed couldnt care less what it does to my lungs as long as it gives me the weed effect al smoke it ..... fuck heroine n crack like i wont smoke that shit

  20. yeah it is,that why i vape,and even vaping makes resin, i scrape that resin and vape it :D

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