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why dont my eyes turn red?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewToToking, May 17, 2010.

  1. it isnt regs. i got like .5 gram of soul diesel left and 1.5-2g of fire og kush left(from a dispensary). i just dont get red eyes. i smoked my friends out and they look blazed. so it seems to me like they are way more high than i am killing my high. i think its genetics too because my dad was a smoker and still is.
  2. i agree
    i think smoking because you think its cool is stupid
    appreciate the herb

  3. That was some sarcasm for the young folks and not to be taken seriously.
    I guess I should tone down my sarcasm as it is often misinterpreted.Thanks for the final lesson on my parody and sarcasm I guess being a bit old my self it is no longer appropriate and more times than not misinterpreted.

    I used to get a good laugh and anyone could see it for what it was.

    But as Dylan once said "the times are a changing"

    Thanks for the update being 45 maybe I am a bit out of touch.

    Peace Friend I can accept constructive criticism

    I just hope you can accept my honest response I graduated in 82 it was a peer pressure thing. Which is now ignorant and absolute.

    I made it out ok making three figures in the data center capital of the world Reston Va.

    Peace to you Old School Grower
  4. how long have you been smoking cuz my eyes didnt get red the first few times i did it
    and i can t help notice ur name is new to toking so lol:smoking::smoking::smoking::D:D:D:wave::wave::wave:
    random smileys cuz im blazed !
  5. when i'm high and i look in the mirror, my eyes never look that red, but other people tell me my eyes look reallly red or blood shot.

    it's weird. haha.

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