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why dont my eyes turn red?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NewToToking, May 17, 2010.

  1. ? everytime i smoke a bowl my eyes dont turn red at all. yet i am high.
  2. people just react differently to the cloud
  3. I wish my eyes didn't get red.

    You lucky duck.
  4. because you have magic powers.
    youuu have the white etyes of the euphrates
  5. mine don't get red either, unless I hotbox a blunt
  6. my eyes never turn red unless theres a TON of smoke like if were super hotboxing a car or something, or theres like 20 incense sticks going
  7. You're lucky that you can do that.
  8. lame i want them to get red :(. i want people to know im blazed. they cant do anything about it. im medicated :)
  9. #9 NewToToking, May 17, 2010
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    naw im an outcast i just blaze by myself going to college. it just brings up more convosations with random people. like in the bathroom yeah pretty random but this guy was blood shot and smelled of weed and i asked him hahah are you blazed? he said yeah for sure and i said hahah me too. and we smoked a bowl together it was tight. good times.

    it also gives that me an overpowering feeling like people cant do shit about it. they just have to sit down and smell the weed on me and see my eyes which gets them mad that they arnt blazed too. kinda teasing them as well its funny to me. well because it happens to me all the time. when i know someones blazed i get pissed off and jelous cuz im not blazed. which gets me more pumped up to go smoke.
  10. Been toking for longer than I should admit (decades) if I drink a lot of booze my eyes get red. If I just partake of the kind with no booze all my buddies are using all the get the red out products. I wont mention the brands at less they want to pay me for the advertisement. But my friends qoute me as damn there he goes again Q Ball White ,shooting pool reference.

    It would be interesting to know the scientific process behind this it could be worth some real $ if it could be patented. As there is a chemical process that could explain this. Its just waiting to be discovered.just wish I had investors and a proper lab. I am not afraid to experement on myself done it many times before:D

    Peace Friends
  11. consider it a blessing
  12. Why do you care? Be thankful :)

    Everyone's body and brain chemistry is different.

  13. Word! its cool to be stoned in high school its a rebellion thing. It wont help you once you have a professional job making good bucks. It then becomes a reason for a random piss test mandatory rehab and if you can not be successful in rehab you will be looking for another job.

    And they will ask you why you lost your last job and red eyed stoner is not a positive reference.

    It makes no difference how well you do your job you could be the most intelligent productive employee but if you happen to be a drug user that makes you a insurance liability and a criminal in the eyes of the corporate world.

    What a pack of morons who run the system. The buck stops no where and common sense is dead. Conformist mediocrity is welcome. Eccentric genius non violent law breakers are not welcome in to days society.

    That is why we are going to hell in a bucket.


  14. There is nothing 'cool' about being high in school. There's a time and place for the herb. Your statements just show immaturity, not anything 'cool'. Rather uncool in fact ;)

  15. Wow, that's kind of lame. TBH, it's even cooler to keep it to yourself and let the other person find out on their own.
  16. because you smoke regs.
  17. I'm wondering if it does have something to do with the particular strain or quality. Reason I ask this is when I was younger, my eyes used to get red all the time. Nowadays(that I can afford some good dank), they hardly get red at all.

    Anyone else notice it's strain-dependent?
  18. #18 Hubert J. Farnsworth, May 17, 2010
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    I think it was pretty cool how easy World History was high, but maybe im just immature.

    My eyes didnt get red from smoking until I started smoking everyday. Now they get super red, but I find drinking a healthy amount of water helps them stay white ish.

    Actually my eyes used to not get red when smoking lower quality, now that I smoke higher quality they get red, but I think potency is unrelated but strain might not be.
  19. Don't confuse 'fun' with 'cool'. Some things that seem fun are actually quite lame, like using drugs during school.
  20. yeah my eyes get red as fuck but i have friends that dont get red eyes

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