Why don't more people just freeball?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by TheBigDogg, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. I've been freeballing all week (not wearing anything under my jeans) and it's great! Why does everyone believe in underwear???
  2. i cant wait for the day you shart without any thing between your ass and your jeans.
  3. Hmm...i actually did the same on monday, just cus i ran out of underwear...except mine's more like freetaco.

    Overall it was pretty nice, except my butt got cold through my jeans a few times. I guess it's kinda good for insulation, among other things...
  4. freeball over all ;)
  5. You try working a 12 hour day in august and tell me your nuts dont stick to your leg.
  6. lol i love it when my gf doesnt wear any;)
  7. Yea that shit sucks
  8. i love freeballin except with the runnies. that suck with khaki shorts. also, when my girl teases me while i drive while freeballing, i end up with precum stains. not cool.
  9. lol poor scooby n his dirty shorts

    naw, im not a fan of freeballing, shit goes everywhere, gotta have some support for the fellas

    however, i am ALL FOR FREE TACOS :metal:
  10. free tacoing is actually a good thing, the vagina is supposed to breathe and normal panties dont allow enough of that...resulting in stank.
  11. "free taco'ing" as its been called..(hehe) is comfy coz everything feels a little freer...however when ever I'm freeing it gets me so horny coz all the right bits some how end up rubbing against my jeans.. I've yet to decide if thats a good or bad thing
  12. It is now no panty's Wednesday! I cant do it. I got camel toes.....gross!
  13. that is a good holiday haha :)

    haha have you seen The Weatherman...his daughters nickname is Camel Toe hahahah :laughing:
  14. I KNOW! Thats so cruel. Poor girl.

  15. free tacos!? i love taco bell! haha

    well think aobut it. if you wear boxers there isnt much support anyways. however it prevents the whole stick tot he leg thing
  16. boxer briefs buddy, support and boxers at the same time :smoke:
  17. I have ots ay, i'm not a hge fan tof "freetacoing" with most pants, esp. jeans. They just end up riding up and making things hurty.

    However, give me a skirt or some comfy, loose pants, and i'm all over it.
  18. i wear my pants with a sag, and therfor i cannot freeball, because for real my balls would actually be free haha, i sag my pants down under my ass which means the front is low as hell to so they'd be hangin out haha, not sayin i'd feel awkward with my balls hangin out, but i don think people wanna be seein my balls haha
  19. Freeballing with gym shorts are nice. But with Jeans or shorts, Hollister Boxers do the trick!
  20. Free "taco'ing" if definently thumbs up, a few of my old GF's used to do it. however freeballing I just cannot do. I cant even wear briefs or whitey tighties, thats just too much restriction on my space, just cant handle it. Im only for boxers, and if i do freeball (which is never) my stuff rubs on my jeans and thats no fun. And I also sag sometimes, just not as low as the other guy.


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