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why dont joints burn unless you put tobacco in them?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushMaster478, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. why dont joints burn unless u put tobacco in them i tried rolling a couple without tobacco and they just wouldnt stay lit.
  2. grind them finely and they will stay lit if people keep taking pulls from it
  3. In my experience tobacco does help joints burn nicely but if you have properly cured weed it should burn fine without it.
    Your weed might be wet/damp or else just try rolling it differently.
  4. yeah it was pretty old dry bud
  5. Why dont cows produce milk?
  6. They burn well without tobacco, they just burn better with
  7. Do you grind your herb?
  8. They do if rolled properly, though personally I prefer a ratio of 80% weed to 20% tobacco in joints, I believe the tobacco helps the weed burn smoother and slower, and also contributes to my lung disorders.
  9. Because you're not doing it right.
  10. Because you don't know how to roll a joint? All mine burn without tobacco
  11. All mine burn just fine. Can't stand Tobacco
  12. Never tried smoking a joint with tobacco, but joints when there's only weed inside, just make sure that it's broken up well and you can even wet the joint so it burns slower. :smoke:
  13. never had this problem in my 25 years of smoking joints without tobacco in them.

    is your weed dry?
  14. [​IMG]

    Learn it.
    Live it.
    Love it.
  15. i like a spliff every once in a while.
    they consistently burn slower & more even.

    but i rarely smoke them.

    rather taste the greenage
  16. ive never put tobacco in my joint it ruins the taste and they have always burned fine

  17. He said it was....shouldn't dry weed burn faster though? :confused:
  18. Break it up more and dont roll it too tight, you'll get it down with practice. Also, before you pull on it, hold a lighter to the end of it and blow on it a few times.
  19. ??????????????????????? if its dry, how the fuck it unlits? i can roll a joint with dry weed and make it stop perfectly, same with wet weed. never had a problem

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