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Why dont I notice a buzz

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Im a new toker, the first couple of times I smoked weed I felt literally no different, then 1 time I got high and I always got high after that and felt these
    - Taste much better
    - Munchies
    - Everythings funny
    - Clearer vision
    - Feeling lighter
    - More creativity etc
    but I never felt an actual buzz, I may have yesterday though, it felt like I was on a rollacoaster or an orgasm :p but in a different way to an actual orgasm idk
  2. I'm pretty sure that is a buzz my man.
  3. Ahh kl thanks man, just guessing Im not used to it :smoke:
  4. fucking kids these days really
  5. #5 Malvolio, Aug 13, 2012
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    "Buzz" is the wrong word to describe being high, it better describes the effect of unmentionables. Weed is more about relaxation, eating, enjoying music, appreciating nature, laughing with friends, and wondrous (often terrifying) introspection!
  6. [quote name='"Justadailytoke"']fucking kids these days really[/quote]

    Haha damn only 41 post n you joined in 2008
  7. Hahaha, dude, why the fuck do you want a buzz when you're feeling like you're on a roller-coaster or orgasm?
    Buzz is just that feeling you get after the first hit (with a bong) or couple of hits (joint) when you realize you're starting to get high. You're almost high, but not quite.
  8. Over time of regular use, your tolerance will raise. (Duh..) After a while, you'll notice you don't get as high as you explained, but you get what I'd call a buzz. You feel tranquil and positive vibes, and the herb allows you to relax and breath.
  9. Smoke. More. Weed.

    Get dank weed.

    Try this, get some quality herb. Just a gram or two. Roll a fat ass joint. Make a mix of your favorite music. Put on headphones, close your eyes, and smoke your joint.

    Tell me how you feel after that :smoke:

    and to add to what clamb said.. I've been smoking for years and years. My tolerance is high.. but that doesn't mean I don't get high as fuck after a bowl to myself.
  10. OP, maybe you mean a "body high" when you say "buzz"? If so, then perhaps you're smoking a sativa or a hybrid with more sativa than indica in the mix. You need to get some indica or a hybrid leaning more towards indica.

    I think a "buzz" is milder than a high, actually the intermediate step between being sober and getting high. It's that moment when you feel a headchange. I think one can get it with weed too, not only with other drugs.
  11. Actually Im smoking on cheese (indica) I thought sativa gives headrush... and what the people who say weed dont give a buzz, then why the fuck am I smoking it :confused: idk maybe cause Im not used to it :smoke:

  12. Man, define "buzz". What do you mean by this word?

    When you start smoking, you're sober. Then, if you take a hit, you start feeling a bit different, but you're not high yet. That is the "buzz". If you go on smoking, you will get high or stoned. I felt a buzz both with indica and sativa hybrids, it's just that the buzz is a bit different.
  13. Well like when you smoke a cigarette you get a headrush, how would an indica, sativa and hybrid high feel like in description, thanks :smoke:
  14. I like to feel my stomach going numb right after I smoke.

    It's like woahhh I'm not hungry right now but I will be in 30 minutes. Woahhhh lol
  15. Dude idk what everyone else is on about but your actually meant to feel a physical buzzing feeling throughout your body you know when you get goosebumps well its kinda like that but 100 times more enjoyable and stronger and it doesnt go away you can feel it for 4 hours.
  16. dude idk what he means by a headrush but i assume nothing like a cigarette a cig gives you a headspin but ill tell you what i feel you can feel all this shit in your head swirling arround and all these other feelings really hard to describe but it feels so damn good man fucking 400 times nicer than a cigarette headspin.. that makes you feel like your gonna pass out but the weed head rush doesnt make you feel that way at all tbh man i think i know what your problem is your mixing weed with tobbaco which is doing something to block out all those nice feelings cause i didnt feel any of that sht when i was smoking weed with tobbaco which forced me to quit tobbaco and im glad i did.

    felt no headrush
    no buzzing basically ruins your high completely

  17. everything your feeling there isnt a buzz your still meant to feel all that sht but with an actual physical buzzing sensation.
  18. Nah I never mix it with tobacco regardless how popular that is in the UK and I used to smoke tobacco once a week and really felt lightheaded :smoke: never feel that way anymore with tobacco :( with weed I just feel lighter but not really a buzz, thanks man :smoke:

  19. nah man your meant to feel a physical buzzing sensation but still with those feelings weed isnt just one feeling its about 20 feelings all at once which is what makes it so enjoyable.
  20. WTF I never experience this, the weirdest that happened to me was a hallucination :smoking:

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