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Why don't I laugh anymore?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by The HappyCamper, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. When I used to get high, I would laugh so much. Everything was so funny. Then it went away. I still get high, I just don't laugh. I hardly talk. I actually get quieter.

    I've tried taking breaks, up to 7 weeks. It didn't do it for me. Yeah, I got higher when I came back, but I still don't laugh.

    What gives?
  2. you've become a more mature smoker?
  3. [quote name='"The Incredible"']you've become a more mature smoker?[/quote]

    This. Also, maybe you're smoking more indica or indica dominant hybrids.
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    Tolerance bro. You will never ever ever with any drug replicate the first time experience. That's the basic root of drug addiction, chasing the first time experience. All that happens is you end up wasting all your drugs for a mediocre effect. Either do it seldom or stop laughing. Or smoke medical shit. But even with medical, all it means is stronger tolerance, so after a couple weeks of that youll stop laughing again. That or you've just been high for so long, you're tired of laughing at stupid shit all the time. Honestly I think you're just a schizophrenic. You keep thinking it doesnt make you laugh but in reality it does but you thinking about it all the time makes you think not to do it. It's like thinkling about not twitching, you will twitch
  5. sounds like you need to get your hands on some better bud
  6. indica- body high
    sativa- cerebral high

  7. Smoking medical. And yes, I've tried sativas as well. Nothing does it for me.
  8. It depends on the weed you're smoking and who you are with. I used to be the say way, but then I just became a chill pot smoker. Then, one day my friend came back to my town and him and I got a couple of buds together and we smoked some bud he got from his town, and we were high as balls. They had me laughing for hours. It was a great day.
  9. I think the situation is simple here. Marijuana does not induce laughter. You have to have some sort of stimulus. Usually you laugh as a beginner smoker because you're not used to the barrage of strange thoughts racing through your head, and when you step back and say for the first time, "Wow, did I really just think that?" you start laughing because it's so ridiculous. It's all good, no worries.

    My prescription:
    Take two (2) doses of Monty Python and call a specialist if the problem persists.
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    That loud make you quiet

    What the hell, lol

    Lerf PhD
  11. You've become a cynical asshole.

    Jk, find a good sativa, throw on some mind of mencia, and laugh your shaft off.
  12. Because weed makes people understand that life isnt something to laugh about and a lot of people are mislead and dont know how to think for themselves

    but salll good hahah
  13. weed does make the experience, it only stimulates it. So go watch something funny or vist the "you laugh, you lose" thread.
  14. Do it when you're a little tired.

    Whenever i smoke after midnight i giggle my ass off until i can't breathe.
  15. Same thing is happening to me.. I just can't get as high and act as stupid as I used to. Take a break for like a few days then smoke a lot of good shit at once. That's what I've been doing.
  16. Your body has become desensitized to what were once hilarious to you before.

    It's like watching gross shit online back when you were a kid. Now that shit doesn't even faze me anymore.

    You just need a new stimulus. AKA something new that you will find funny.
  17. You've smoked yourself to emotionless..not uncommon.
  18. You just got used to the high, and you can control the laughing now. I was the same way when I started four or five years ago. I loved it, I still go into laughing fits sometimes if something's really funny, but not nearly as much as I used to lol.
  19. Maybe it's not the weed, you probably just matured yourself.

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