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Why don't I get high anymore???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shaundelamar, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Why don't I get high anymore?

    When I first started to smoke. I'd smoke a blunt, then my eyes would get blood shot, my heart would beat fast sometimes and I would feel so blazed. It was great!

    But now, whenever I smoke a blunt, joint, bowl or whatever I don't really get high at all and my eyes don't get blood shot anymore ( not complaining about not getting red eyes or my heart not beating fast, but im just saying.)

    I ussualy smoke around an 8th a day of regular ole' mid grade weed or crip.

    How do I get high again?
  2. just smoke MORE herb
    like in large amounts at one time
    you probably have a tolerance by now.
  3. Or you could smoke less...
    Try taking a full 24 hours off smoking and see if you get high
    Better yet take a week off
  4. Taking a week off and then smoking again would be like the first time you smoked, its great to do every now and then. You smoke an 8th a day? Thats probably why you don't get high anymore...tolerance.
  5. right. taking a break is always great as well.
    id say take like a 1-2 week break
    1 week is probably as long as you can wait tho
  6. What you're experiencing is tolerance. If you take a 4-5 day break from smoking, you should have a much better high when you come back to it. If you don't think taking a tolerance break is a realistic option for you, then you could try smoking less times per day, but a larger amount per session: think smoke a J/blunt and be good for 2-3 hours instead of ripping off small bowls every now again over the same time period. That may or may not help you depending on your smoking habits. If you want to get creative, I remember a thread on GC a week or so back that said eating an overripe mango before smoking greatly enhances the high, mangos are cheap might be worth trying.
  7. I'm on the same boat as u. it's what happens when you smoke a lot of bud. ur tolerance gets high. i have to smoke every hour to stay high. it kinda sucks. and i can only smoke the most potent bud too in order to get high. if you stop smoking for about a month you'll feel that intense high again, but you'll only feel it once, cuz the next time you smoke ur tolerance will be high again.
  8. i used to get ripped of one joint which lasted 4 days. now that im a daily toker its like 1 joint can get me high for 1 hour. i pick up dank all the time now and its still lasts for an hour. what can i say i live in bc.

    im trying a t-break. i took one week off involuntarily before and the comeback high was pretty amazing too. its just hard taking a t-break when ur a daily user.

    hope this helps
  9. or smoke danker weed...

    but seriously a t-break is what is in order, just stop smoking for a week and you will be good.
  10. This.

    Try danker weed. Mids would take me 2-3 rips from a bong to get me going, whereas some chron would only take one rip.
  11. u need dank buddy
  12. Well I used to get reallll blazed when I started. A few hits from my friend's pipe and I was so gone. But after two years it got less and less effective (this is where the whole "gateway drug" argument comes in if you haven't figured it out yet)

    But I would only smoke on the weekends after that, and it was a little better. But still not as great.

    So I quit for a year after I got picked up by the cops, and I just started again a month ago. Since then I've been out-of-my-mind stoned every weekend.

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