Why dont I get as high when I smoke a blunt or joint?

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  1. I've been smoking for about a year and I've always been smoking out of a glass bowl with other people, but when someone hands me a blunt or joint (also being passed around between other people) I can't seem to get high. I get a slight buzz feeling, but everyone tends to say that they're REALLY high. Could it just be that certain people just react to things differently? Am I smoking a joint or blunt wrong? LOL.
  2. My guess is that you can't take such fat hits because it's harsher

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  3. I also don't feel like I get as high off joints or blunts. It's weird, I kind of plateau at a 6/10, but can get blasted by any other method
  4. I'm not sure where you can find the source, but I think you only get 12% THC from blunts and joints. Bongs give you around 40-60% and the other methods have a different percent.
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    Id say with everyone its different.  My tolerance is high but i get higher off a blunt than a joint(even tho joints rolled with fonto do the trick) and bongs. 
    Pipes i can't say cuz the only time i really experience smoking nothing but pipes was on a cruise, and even then my tolerance was getting used to the bud i had so i had to take more hits every session.  But id get pretty ripped too.

    smoke you a backwoods blunt though.  If your not high after that then blunts don't get you high.
  6. How to hit a blunt:

    Hit the blunt
    Hold it
    Hit it again
    Ghost it
    Hit it again
    Cough for an hour

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  7. I read this while smoking a blunt and hell yeah man!!! My girlfriend told me to give you a thumbs up!

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  8. Maybe you are doing it wrong. Are you inhaling through one end while the other end is lit? It will glow orange when lit so you will know. Then when you exhale is there some gray lookin air? If there is that means you did it right and if you don't feel high just buy some better weed.

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