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why dont i enjoy my highs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AB123557712, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. im not even kidding 9/10 times when i get high its horrible. I feel too high and i feel sick and paranoid and i hate it the entire time. But i still smoke it wtf? idk why i smoke if i hate it. But the few amazing fun times are drawing me towards going after that high that i could definatley have one day ive had it multiple times. so what should i do 

  2. The age old question. I use to wonder the same thing but it became obvious to me over the years. If you're not at peace with yourself and your current situation in life, the high won't be as pleasurable. I haven't enjoyed smoking as much as I used to for a long time, but I know exactly why that is- I hate my current life situation. I used to really enjoy smoking back when I was younger because I didn't have many worries. Now i'm stressed, anxious, depressed etc, so I don't enjoy the highs as much.
  3. wow that makes a lot of sense. I remember one time i smoked on a big mountain and i was scared as hell and was having bad high. But once i smoked at my friends house when no one was there for the day we had amazing high
  4. Could also be your smoking to much take 3 hits relax take a couple more hits once you feel high stop if your still uncomfortable reduce the amount you smoke.. I got like that and thought why do I still smoke if I don't enjoy it then I just cut back on my consumption and started enjoying it again
  5. Yea, for me the big mountain has been over thinking and a quarter-life crisis that's been eating away at me for 4 or 5 years. I look forward to the day I'm more at peace with myself and life in general because I know damn well I'll get back to enjoying the hell out of a nice bowl or blunt.
  6. it was only 1 small joint though. i dont get it thats nothing
  7. Yea then its gotta be something making you uncomfortable be it the situation your in or the people you hang with.. Or it could be just super high THC content and your not used to it again I don't know how seasoned of a toker you are so these are just thoughts coming to my mind.. Also could be intervals on when you smoke.. Even time of day can have am affect on your high
  8. im gonna smoke 1 puff next time and see what happens. 
  9. That's what I would do take one hit chill for 5 mins if nothing take another hit wait 5 mins that's how I always Starr my sessions anymore I can't just rip away.. I work myself into it and honestly I enjoy smoking alone more so now then I did when I was younger
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    I agree with everything thats already been said....smoke less, when you are under less stressful situations, etc...etc...but what you need to realize is,...and most old time smokers realize after a that Marijuana/cannabis ISNT something to be taken for be played with...its MAGIC STUFF...let me explain...the THC (and possibly many terpines and other cannaboids) spark up parts of your brain that haven't been ignited before you EXPANDS the use of your gives insight, a differing perspective, sometimes even a crystal clear view "from the outside" looking in...and that can be quite disquietning and uncomfortable for people..especially if you dont have your ducks in a can show you your lack of ambition, your laziness, your anger, your failings...and this revealing can be horrible to after day...every time you toke up...UNLESS, you USE the smoke to make better decisions and changes...USE it as a tool...get high...look inside yourself...understand what is troubling you and make some changes to help....using marijuana to giggle and laugh, get the munchies, say stupid shit and fall all over the place is as dumb as it comes...until you figure out the POWER of this stuff, you will continue to have "bad highs"...make em on what it shows you...Oh, it makes you a sexual tyrannasaurus too!
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    This is true. Idk if I could've explained it better myself.

    And also you should probably smoke less, sometimes when I smoke a lot I get paranoid or I start to over think shit, that never happens when I just smoke "enough".

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  12. I know what you mean, brah.

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