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why dont i enjoy my highs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AB123557712, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. im not even kidding 9/10 times when i get high its horrible. I feel too high and i feel sick and paranoid and i hate it the entire time. But i still smoke it wtf? idk why i smoke if i hate it. But the few amazing fun times are drawing me towards going after that high that i could definatley have one day ive had it multiple times. so what should i do 

  2. Try different smoking techniqies, and maybe try smoking less
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    It's all about environment. I had this problem, but realised it goes away when I smoke in a place im comfortable, also with friends helps. GL - Ben :)
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    You're likely too high, smoking too much of high quality at once for your current tolerance level.

    Try smoking less. I've been smoking on the daily for about 8 years now and 0.1g still gets me pretty ripped with the quality of weed I smoke.

    I used to smoke solo joints and even solo blunts, but it's kinda overdoing it when 0.1-0.2g out of a pipe/bong will not only conserve more but also make it easier to titrate your dosage. If all else fails, take a short break from smoking, there's no point of recreational smoking if the highs aren't even enjoyable.
  5. same here. also if im in a bad mood prior the high amplfies that sometimes

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  6. You just need to smoke less at a time. Pack a small bowl and take a few puffs over a couple hours. Smoking too much will make you paranoid. And if you still can't find a way to enjoy it, you may as well just stop wasting money, it's not worth it.

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  7. Roll up a j and go to the beach. Or a lake. Some nice nature scenery might make it better and more relaxing for u.
  8. First of all, try to smoke less if you have a low tolerance, and make sure you find a place you feel comfortable in.
  9. ^Agreed, set and setting play a huge role in the quality and enjoyability of the highs you get from any drug, but cannabis and psychedelics are particularly effected.

    Set: Your current mindset going into the high/trip, any feelings you have deep down will certainly be revealed and will effect the outcome of your high.

    Setting: Your current location and the company you keep. If you are not in a place you feel comfortable in, with company you can't be completely open with, it will certainly effect the high. I personally like toking/tripping alone, due to the self-reflection and introspection, comfortable setting at my house, and I find that the lack of a social environment allows me to really be in tune with my high rather than focusing on the conversation at hand, which detracts from the high.

    Set and setting, can't be stressed enough.
  10. I think your mindset usually controls your highs. If you think you aren't going to like it you probably won't enjoy it.
  11. Honestly, a lot of people just seem to react with weed and seem to get a heavy, tremendous anxiety feeling, a realy low feeling that seems best described as couch lock. I personally don't believe it's psycological, I believe that there are physical effects causing the same physical feeling as anxiety, which triggers the mind into feeling anxietic. Personally, the best guess I have into it is that you may have to really search out strains that are specifically Indica, specifically Sativa, and then a few hybrids, just to test and see if you react to one that way and not the other. In my journey, so far, I believe it makes all the difference.
  12. Do u roll joints with tobacco or poppers. That used to fuck me up from the nicotine reacting with thc.

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  13. Smoke less. Use a bong. Take a hit, wait 5-10 minutes and see how you feel. If you're not high enough, repeat until you are. Listening to music always makes a high enjoyable. It's also more fun to smoke with other people or to go out in public places and do things while high.
  14. This happens sometimes when I don't get enough sleep, and when I take a high nap that day, I feel much better. If that doesn't fix it...

    Maybe your not doing things you enjoy. Try jamming out and singing along to your favorite tunes prior to smoking, then take a few tokes and continue jamming. Repeat until at your desired level. I think you go into the high thinking "oh man, this high better not be anxious, but I bet it will be", which ultimately makes your high go downhill (ironic right?). I can take 3 - 5 tokes and be pleasantly high no matter what mood I'm in. Its when you smoke when you're already anxious or hiding something (like the fact that you're high) that bad shit happens.

    After a 3 week t break, I can get crazy high from 3 rips from a pipe. Then tolerance comes back and I can't get the same high. That's what tolerance does, the More you smoke, the less effects you get from the same amount. It happens to us all, its happening to you, too. I damn sure wish I could get my first few highs back, but I still love Mary.

    So my recommendation is the most simple fix: smoke less. Don't smoke as often. Get more sleep
  15. My advice for you is to
    1) find the right place where you'll 1000% comfortable
    2) go in with a positive attitude
    3) do your best to make it enjoyable. The fun of all this is to enjoy! Do what makes you happy. Have some music, food, whatever to make it as fun as you possibly want to make it. 
    I would also suggest lower doses at first. If you like what you're feeling, then maybe smoke a little more. If you don't feel anything at all, smoke a little more. But don't overdo it, because even though smoking a ton of bud can sound/be fun, if you're just not designed for that, then it is what it is. Best of luck, friend.  :smoke:
  16. was thinking the same thing

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  17. Told you I'm not too insane
  18. Sounds like you're just smoking too much in a sitting.

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