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why dont I cough when I smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeluxeHerb, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. been smoking for 6 months so far and I noticed even when I first started I never coughed, I never smoked anything before either., I know how to take hits and I always gets high, but I still dont cough am I doing someonething else wrong?
  2. Take bigger hits and you'll cough
  3. So you smoke weed, don't cough and still get high?

    I really don't see the point of this thread.
  4. This.

    Sounds like your lungs have gotten used to your regular drawl, time to step up the burning.

    What are you smoking out of anyway?
  5. cuz you're a bad man. much like myself :)
  6. I'm aboutta year but I can't really remember if I ever coughed on casual somkings. I kno I did on big hits but idk!
  7. even when I come off long t breaks I still dont cough.

    I'm using a small pipe, coming off a 3 week t-break tomorrow, and I'm gonna test out my new 1 hitter.
  8. Sounds like you're smart enough to know you your lungs limits, feel free to test them though, a good cough every once in awhile is nice :)

    ps Vodka is the best cure for a burning throat from coughing, take a shot and it takes the pain right away.
  9. Soooo then what's the problem here?
  10. Take a fat yellow bong rip of some good weed and you should cough

    Or maybe your not getting good weed.
  11. This is why, 1 hitters and small pipes never make me cough unless they are caked black. A bong rip or steamroller hit will kick your lung's ass.
  12. I was the same way, take bigger hits and hold them in longer. You'll cough, if that's really what you're shooting for.
  13. Why do you want to cough?
    Coughing is a side effect you don't have.
  14. 1. Buy a nice plastic 6 foot bong for $30 at the headshop,

    2. pack the slide or bowl to the top
    3. milk it.
    5. quickly repack bowl
    6. milk that 6 foot monster even more
    7. Clear! :bongin: :hippie:

    If you dont cough from this then your a freak of nature :D
  15. #15 suedeloser666, Jan 8, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 8, 2013
    Like almost everyone has said, take a big enough hit and you'll cough. Just try taking a big hit and push your personal limits. It's fun! :D

    This is fuckin' great, lol!
  16. [​IMG]
  17. That's why. You can't get nearly as much smoke with a pipe or one hitter as a bong, and you definitely can't achieve the same inebriating high that a larger smoking apparatus can produce. THC is a natural irritant and will irritate your lungs regardless of the medium you choose to smoke it in (exemplified by the fact that people that use good vaporizers for the first time when they're used to smoking cough a lot); they can get more THC into their lungs and its increased concentration contributes to their cough. Same thing with bongs, you get more THC because the burning sensation isn't as pronounced compared to a pipe that forces you to end the hit.

    I know everyone has their arguments with big hits vs little hits and whatnot, but (using the same amount of weed in my own experience) taking a few big hits gets me way higher than a bunch of smaller ones does.
  18. Take a gbong and if you don't cough I will give you a cookie
  19. i really do not understand what spawns in your brain to create a thread like this. . .

    "damn i wish i coughed after i took hits even though i still get high"
  20. I'm about to get a fuckin cookie!

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