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why don't atheists ever go after the jews?

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by lady garbage, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Absolutely, I only was commenting on Acid's post a little bit earlier. I'm against every religion. Everything surrounding the Abrahamic god is fucked in my opinion.

    Yeah, if we could land on 'don't kill' then you wouldn't need to defend yourself.
  2. Simple: its the most popular religion and people generally know more about it than other ones so its easier to talk about.
  3. I did, too. That doesn't change the fact that it's a crude and obnoxious joke, if it is one. The guy who squeezed out this stinker was the type who probably would have put it on his permanent victim resume if it was directed at him, so I can't feel too sorry for him if it's tainting his reputation.
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    The Jews Get enough hate as it is. They get treated more like a race than any other religion.

    In the western world, especially in america, it seems to christians as though they get hated on the most because most believe Jesus was the son of god, so its more likely to be a topic of conversation.

    Also, Muslims get hated on sooo damn much. On the freaking news we have supposed "proffessionalls" being blatenly against islam assuming anyone who practices it it is a terrorist.

    Then the rest of the religions aren't popular enough to be made fun of except for the mormons who get plenty of flack.
  5. yeah mormons get made fun of a lot lol. but I have never seen anyone actually attack mormons, just make jokes.
  6. what exactly do you mean by "attack"
  7. What exactly do you mean by, "mean"
  8. Seriously, I want to know what garbage defines as an attack. Is it anything critical of Christianity, or is it an actual attack? A slander? A physical attack? Etc.
  9. Whenever I use the word, I'm specifically speaking of anything that puts the "attacker" above the "victim". For example, calling someone stupid for their beliefs or merely making a joke which exhibits an attitude of being "holier(better)-than-thou". It's really pointless for me to interject though, since you're not even talking to me :laughing:

  10. he may not have been talking to you.....


    someone answered a direct question with a direct answer!!!!!!

    is this real? or did i make it all up in my head?
    how would i know?
    how would you know?

    fuck who knows.....
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    It seems pointless to have a definition if the definition will be subjective and situational. For example, you haven't really defined anything by saying "if I judge a thing to be looking down their nose at me." A definition would tell me what criteria you are using for that judgement. The only solid answer you've given is when someone calls you stupid, which yes is a verbal attack to anyone.

    It's interesting to hear a Christian concerned with "holier-than-thou" behavior, and I'm curious to know how you differentiate others being holier-than-thou from them seeking to stop you from being that way.
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    Understandable. It's really a matter of their tone and context, in my opinion. A more simple (maybe less clear) definition would be any verbal or physical attempt to belittle someone else for their beliefs or behavior.

    I try my hardest to not fall into that behavior, although I do at times. I think a profitable way to differentiate it is by the method in which someone chooses to present my behavior. For example, someone could be 100% correct in their estimations, but the way they present it has an affect on how I receive the correction ya know? I believe a sense of humility while rebuking someone is very important and profitable. I don't have a set method on how to differentiate it though. :eek:
  13. Context clues are a beautiful thing, my friend.
  14. Well Christians and Jews have the same god so any attack or opinion of the that god is an opinion of or attack on both those religions. I am an atheist and i know many others and i don't know were you get this idea that we only take issue with Christianity. it is true that a lot of atheists do concern themselves with Christianity more then other religions but this is because Christianity is the biggest most powerful religion. Also many atheists come from christian homes and with that comes inside knowledge of said religion. That personal experience with Christianity leaves them with a sour taste in their mouth and thus Christianity becomes the first religion they think of when they think about the problems of religion.

  15. You forgot Islam, the third religion sharing the Abrahamic God.
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    And Mormonism

  17. Mormonism is technically a branch of Christianity.

  18. Christians are viewed as the " worst'' because of their size and numbers which translates to them having the most influence on politics, the educational systems etc. Also Christianity also has a long history of suppressing people, art, science and new ideas. Its not the Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Amish etc. that try to set our education system back 150 years by trying to teach creationism in a science class.
  19. I was going to say, the obvious answer to this question is...

    Christian population: 2 billion.
    Islamic population: 1.5 billion.
    Jewish population: 18 million.

  20. Yeah. I was going to add that. I just did not feel like getting into a big debate. most Christians I come across seem to think Islam is nothing more then a pagan religion and in no way shape or form is related to Christianity.

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