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Why doesn't weed cause lung cancer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Immune21, May 21, 2010.

  1. Can someone explain to me if there's over 400 carcinogens in weed smoke then why isn't their a recorded case of lung cancer from purely smoking pot?
  2. becouse lung cancer isent caused by smoke, its casued by a chemical SPECIFICLY found in tabacco. thats why you can get mouth cancer from dipping and your not even smoking it.
  3. while smoking weed is vastly less dangerous than tobacco, and tobacco in general is extremely hazardous and dangerous... still, fellow blades, don't rule out the possibility of lung cancer for long term smoking of marijuana. Combustion is still harmful and vaporization eliminates that harm. I mean, c'mon... after smoking joints, and not even water filtered bongs, after smoking for month after month, AND THEN you go and try a regimen of heavy running, oral hygiene, etc., while going clean or maybe vaporizing... but quitting that smoking at any rate, don't tell me you wouldn't notice the difference or realize to what extent smoking in general is really bad for your lungs. C'mon. don't kid yourselves apprentices. When you start out in the world of cannabis, the love of the molecule overrides any damage done by the combustion, but it'll catch up, just wait and see. Unless your smoking hashish or something otherwise unbelievably pure, ahah. But if you fail to understand the place of smoking in the grand scheme of the health of your lungs, regardless of how tasty the ganja is... then there's nothing that can be done.
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    Lung cancer is rather more complex than "breathe crap, get cancer". Many heavy tobacco smokers never develop cancer. The simple solution, if you are concerned, is vape. :)

    What Causes Lung Cancer?
  5. Smoke contains many carcinogens, such as hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, and others). The reason that many people do not develop cancer is because THC acts as a anti-cancer agent. It actively kills numerous types of cancer cells (which is why scientists are currently working on cancer treatment that uses derivatives of THC). You can find more information about it online.

    There are other aspects of smoke that are very unhealthy for you (smoke contains a ridiculous amount of carbon monoxide). You should not smoke.
  6. This, although I will add that there is no evidence that it can't causes lung cancer, there just haven't been cases specifically linked to it.

    Any smoke contains tars and irritants that can help trigger cancer and other diseases. One of the other good things about THC aside from it's apparent tumor suppressing properties is that it opens up blood vessels and the alveoli in the lungs. Nicotine has the opposite effect.
  7. eh it prolly does, but since everyone smokes cigs we blame it on that instead lol...

    even if it did, id still smoke
  8. I love how it doesnt cause cancer but were only supposed to hold it in for like 3 seconds lmao.
  9. So basically what I've got out of all this is that weed can cause cancer but THC prevents the cells from spreading it, which is why that lots of people who ghost don't have it.
  10. It can cause cancer, Thc is an anti-carcinogen yes, but it's not that powerful. What, in fact, stops tokers from getting lung cancer is the fact that they smoke relatively little plant matter compared to smokers and so they ar efar less likely to get cancer. Smokers have about a pack or two a day usually. I doubt even the biggest stoners smoke 12-24 joints a day.
  11. i have never touched a cig..well i mean..i've never smoked one.:D

    I prefer the UNwacky-Tobaccy
  12. Wacky-tobaccy is weed so im :confused:
  13. UNwacky...UNwacky tobaccy.....i know it was a verrrryy complicated joke.

    i find tobacco to be more wacky than cannabis.

    you can get this dude, think about it lol

  14. brb holding 30 second hits and losing oxygen to my brain.

    I'm kinda split on this one, I think we still need some more research on this one, on people who only smoke weed and not tobbaco and lead relativly healthy lives. the weed should also be supplied and be 100% organic, I for one would be happy to participate in that study :D

    weed does have things like quercetin, flavanoids and canabinoids in it is possible it could help prevent some of the irritation from papers or plant matter.
  15. yeah, you cause that's as long as it takes for all the THC to be absorbed, after that, since all smoke is is verrrry tiny particles, after about 2-3 seconds your just letting those particles settle and stick to your lungs, hence ghosting leaves no smokes...where do you all think it went.

    and yeah musD.....all of my friends and myself included live extremely healthy do many lovers of the ganj, i mean my favorite place to smoke that I got o all the time w/ my buddies is about a 4 mile hike up the flatirons in boulder, but it's amazing, and keeps up healthy! a cig smoker would be dying about a mile in before it reallly even starts lol


  16. I'd make a perfect test subject... I never messed with tabacco but smoke weed frequently enough and I am very very active fitness wise due to my mma training. Any scientist around???:D
  17. It does paralyze the cilia in your lungs, this is why you should do it in moderation as the guy earlier said, cigarette smokers smoking multiple packs a day. But as long as you aren't around anything radioactive you won't get cancer from cannabis :smoke:.

  18. This right hurrrr.
  19. I just vape with no concerns whatsoever. I can vape all day long and my lungs will feel just fine.
  20. all i've been doin lately is munching on wellness drops made w/ hash oil 3x strength

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