Why doesn't our moon have a name????

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Why is our moon only called, The Moon?? All the other satellites orbiting other planets in our solar system are considered that planet's moons. Yet, they have names.

    Saturn has 60+ moons....I don't know if they are all named (some recently discovered have yet to be named) but a lot of them are. And earth, has only one satellite. One moon which is boringly called, The Moon.

    Mars has two dinky, potato shaped moons which are most likely captured asteroids. They have names... phobos and deimos (spelling).

    Earth has more than one satellite. I've heard there are upwards of 10 small bodies orbiting our planet. Not all being moons.... one is obviously "the moon", others are asteroids and pieces of spent spacecrafts.

    If we are going to call our moon, The Moon... then all other "moons" orbiting other planets should be called natural satellites. That way, the moon would be a name.

    Humans are the ones who discovered and named all the planets and moons. It seems dumb to me that our own planet's moon doesn't have a name.... when all the other moons/satellites do.

    Technically, all the "moons" on other planets are called natural satellites and our satellite is called the moon. Thats lame.
  2. I thought our moon did have a name. Isn't it Luna?
  3. I dont really know why. I guess its just the Earth bias...
    Thats not any moon, thats our Moon, The Moon
    So other planets get a moon, but we get The Moon
    Same as the Sun, the Solar System, and The Galaxy ( in tech writing few ppl use Milky Way)
    Luna is used in Romance Languages, just like Terra is for Earth, and Sol is for sun...but all of these are simply that languages equivalent to the word Moon, Earth, and Sun
  4. Yep good ol Earth bias. We made that moon our bitch in the 60's, its OUR moon, don't you go touchin it. But I like the name Luna, or just Moon, its like the original before all these other lame ones came around and ruined our idealology that we were the only one out there with moons. Either way Humanity rocked its...moon?
  5. there was a history channel thing on the universe this morning

    earth is greek or something fancy for ground--so im sure that luna is greek for moon or something like that you know??

    im sure if Earth had more than 1 moon, there would be names to specify which one we were talking about, I think other planets with many moons have names, I think its to keep them straight. We only have 1 so its hard to confuse it with another you kno??
  6. yea... luna is just means moon in different languages.

    jupiter and saturn together have more than 120 "moons" or "natural satellites". and i believe most of them are named.

    i dont really agree with it being named THE moon just because its ours and its continues the thought that we are, for some unknown reason, above everything/one else in the galaxy/universe. IMO its just lazy.

    Its not like we are competing with the species of other planets on who's moon was THE moon. I think if damn near every other body in the solar system has a name, including comets that only show themselves every 300 years, our moon should too.

    I guess i just dont believe in humans or earth being the almighty. earth is nothing more than a grain of sand on and infinite beach. well, 2 grains..... including the moon. very insignificant...
  7. since it doesnt have a name... ill have to name it.

    Gozar the destructor.

    the moon is now named gozar the destructor.
  8. What would you call it? Name it after the person who discovered it?
  9. I'll tell you why.

    because the MOON RULEZ
  10. lol, the mooninites

    shouldnt this be in general??

    Is there another name for the Moon?

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) decides on names for things in the Solar System, such as planets, asteroids, and moons. I asked Dr. Aksnes, the chairman of the group that decides on names for planetary systems and what's in them, this question. It turns out that the IAU has not decided on a single name for the Moon (or the Sun for that matter), but supports the common practice of using the name of the Moon (or the Sun) in any language. Without capitalization, the word "moon" can be interpreted as any other moon and the word "sun" as any other star.
  11. It not having a name makes it significant, it's just known as the moon and it's ours.
  12. Not having a name?
    Its name is Gozar The Destructor.
  13. The moon just got like 10x more badass in my eyes.
    Gonzar the Destructor, LMFAO
  14. its comparable to some of the leading brands like Kleenex, or Crayon. everything after that are just "cheap imitations" of the original. ;)
  15. Well, I guess it's probably because our moon was discovered before we even knew that other planets had moons at all. Probably before we even discovered other planets at all. What am I saying probably for? :laughing:
  16. ^ exactly! thats what i was trying to say. :)

    its just like the sun, actually. we thought it was the only thing like it in the universe, but boy were we wrong!
  17. No you guys the moon's name should totally be Pikachu. Just think about it!

    Do you know how much that would piss people off. I mean enough people hate pikachu because he was a glory hog on the show, and then this happens!! It would bring complete madenss! :eek:
  18. [​IMG]
    Gozar the destructor in its infinite glory

    i wont keep this up much longer i swear...

    Edit: I toast this bowl to you hempress!
  19. :laughing: Oh, roach, you win this thread. Bringing in the moon from Majora's Mask. I'd +rep you again if I could.
  20. Eh MM was good but in my opionion ocarina of time was better. But it was still good, it had more of a dark feel to it.

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