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why doesn't my weed smell?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by stonefly, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. I've grown outdoors in the past without a problem. this year i built a grow closet (4x4x8). 400 watt HPS, ventilation, excel temperature, only 5 plants. when i received the clones they already smelled like weed. i've gone through 24 hour light for vegetative growth. On 1/12/12 I put them under 12 hours of light. plants look beautiful (lush green and lots of flowers starting).

    due to medical reasons I've lost my sense of smell and taste so i didn't realize the plants had no odor till my wife checked on them yesterday.

    how can this be? what have i done wrong? i don't care about the weed's taste or smell, but did I lose all potency?????

    any insight is appreciated.

  2. yo...dont worry. I have finished 2 grows inside, even though im no expert. They will smell on and off during the first 2-6 weeks of flower. It does for me, and the potency wuz great. Its very strain depending too...
  3. I grew some white widow that had absolutely no smell whatsoever...I was like what tha fuck??? Then chop day came and I harvested and the moment I cut em it was insane how bad , or good they smelled..good smell anyway after chop the smell got super intense..it just happens, don't worry even if the plant doesn't reak potency won't be affected.
  4. appreciate the responses. hope you're both correct. thanks!
  5. My weed does not smell either, until a friend that hadn't been to my house when I was growing, he could smell it all though he said it wasn't to strong. I think when you live with it you get used to the smell.
  6. I agree, I think you just get used to the smell through growing,handling and processing. I can't count how many times others told me my car or me reeked of weed but I couldn't smell a thing

  7. I do alot before work in the am and I walked into work the other day made it ten feet , someone made a comment and I walked right back out went home and changed and showered again..now I wear the same clothes in all the time.
  8. Oh and be careful ..nothing more obvious than a four inch blade stuck to the back of your shirt...lol happens to me all the time..stuck to my shoes, my ass, my shirt..actualy the novelty of holding huge sticky smelly branch kinda , not quite but kinda wore off a while ago..it gets tedious sometimes..its alot of work..ten plants is a lot of work, I couldnt even imagine a field or having a hundred plants..id have to quit my job to take care of em
  9. Or get one of those $3000 trimming machines...:D
  10. Jar Cure it for a month or so. Keep it in the dark. Burp the jar properly. All else fails make some oil or hash with some of your stash.
  11. [quote name='"Lion_Box"']Jar Cure it for a month or so. Keep it in the dark. Burp the jar properly. All else fails make some oil or hash with some of your stash.[/quote]

    Why not just smoke it? It's not like the smell gets you high lol

  12. This. I have been told so many times....

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