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Why doesn't my weed smell like weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by exAusTiN, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Just bout a gram of some ice princess/purp. Expecting it to smell like gods vagina...it doesNt. It looks dankbut why doesnt it smell like weed? It just smells kinda fresh idk anyone know a possible explanation ?
  2. Different strains have different smells.
  3. The cure can affect the smell, too.

  4. could also be that it is uncured. the curing process is what really establishes the dank smell. i've been in a similar situation before - if a dealer is rushing something and hasn't properly cured it (or even dried it) it won't have that smell.

    if you want to get that smell, put it in a airtight container and "burp it" (open container, waft fresh air in and reseal it) a couple of times a day. should start picking up the smell in a couple days to a week. couple weeks is ideal, but whatever.

    or it could just be the strain.
  5. beat me to it! haha
  6. That weed is obviously fake, throw it away.;)
  7. Re-cure it. Get a small, airtight jar like a baby food jar (because it's only a gram, a pint jar will have too much air) and leave it sealed for 4-7 days opening it once a day. It should develope alot, smoke better, and maybe get you higher. If it's wet you'll want to dry it a bit first. Maybe leave it out for 12-24 hours, then jar it for 24 hours. If it's still wetter than it should be dry some more. Never leave it out untill it's as dry as you want it to be, because buds won't dry evenly. Putting it in the jar will even out the moisture content.

    It won't be that bad to smoke now though, and it might not be worth the trouble to work this much on one gram. Your call though.

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