Why doesnt Kenny die anymore?

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  1. Supposedly he is supposed to die in every episode except for the movie. The new one came on and he didnt die. Ive seen a few episodes where he didnt die. Did they abandon that shtick?
  2. he doesnt die in every episode since like season 6 when he died for good then came back
  3. Yeah I gotta say, I was totally expecting Kenny to
    die in the last episode. I like watching Kenny die...
    Poor kid hahah.

    I guess he can't die all the time.
    He's been through enough.
  4. it was stupid bit to begin with
  5. they prolly just got sick of using that joke and kyle or stan always saying the line

  6. This.^^ although I wouldn't be surprised if they killed Kenny off a few more times.
  7. Kenny stopped dying around the sixth season - he hasn't actually died in a LOOOONG time - Trey and Matt just said it stopped being funny.
  8. honestly when was that bit funny?
  9. i think the last time he died was in the sex addiction episode at the beginning of this season when he hung himself dressed as batman while wackin off.
  10. Hopefully now we can move on with the show, lol :p
  11. Oh my god! They killed the kenny dying bit!
    You bastards!
  12. He really died with the joke a few years ago my friends...
  13. the makers of southpark just decided to stop killing him
  14. it got old.
    plus, they've been giving butters more tv time than kenny, sometimes even more than kyle or stan..
    the whole kenny with the un-understandable speech was getting old.
    cartman never gets old.
  15. You arent a pleasant person, are you?
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    heyz izz juz tellz emz likez itz izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  17. lol I dont know. I always thought it was funny. I can see how they got sick of it though. Then again if the Simpsons guy can come up with a couch gag every episode, it shouldnt be too hard to think of ways to kill kenny

  18. ^agreed
  19. ^Better watch out....ill kill yeh =O

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