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Why Doesnt Everyone Vape?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. It's cheaper and if you do it right you get a cleaner better high than smoking bongs or blunts. It doesn't make any sense to me why people wouldn't wanna use a money saving and weed saving device?
  2. I like to pretend I'm a dragon, and vaping doesn't let me do that ):
  3. As much as I enjoy vaping, nothing can replace a good bong or blunt hit.
    Maybe I just love the act of smoking though.
  4. A good vape costs like $100 + and people much rather use that to get more weed. Also, Marijuana already isn't that bad for you but still I don't know why
  5. Its down to personal preference. It's like saying 'Why doesn't everyone drive Hybrids?' or 'Why doesn't everyone wear orthodics?'. 
    I vape all the time, however I can see why people might prefer the bong hits because they get you fu**ed up. 
    If I grew my own or money was not an option then I'd 75/25 vape and smoke. But I budget so I stick to 100% vape.
    However on holiday in A'Dam It's mostly smoke for me.
  6. Vaping is awesome. It's discreet and conservative.
    Nothing beats hitting the bong or smoking a joint though.
  7. it tends to give me a headache but thats just me haha and definitely nothing beats a bong. :bongin:
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    It's positives certainly outweigh the negatives by vast amounts that's for sure, the fact it doesn't smell and I can just do it in the room next to my parents is good enough for me.

    I think a lot of people like to have that real stoney kind of high and so prefer to smoke.  I vape most of the time and every now and again I'll smoke a bit when I want something a bit extra as vaping seems to vastly reduce your tolerance when it comes to smoking.

    Also vaping is a little bit of a skill at first if someone has only tried to vape one or two times they probably didn't do it correctly and have a bad impression of it.
  9. The investment and thought that must be made before buying a hybrid would hopefully be more of a decision that buying a vape has already paid for itself after 3 months
  10. Why doesnt everyone drive a hybrid?
    That same reason 
  11. I agree with tpelling.  I've owned 3 different vaporizers (currently on the arizer solo) and I rarely smoke but when I do, I get way more fucked up.
  12. Yeah when you start vaping your tolerance to the smoking method gets vastly reduced so after a while of vaping when you smoke you get incredibly high like you've been on a huge tolerance break another of the many positives of vaping.
  13. It works both ways though. If u just smoke and then u vape correctly you can get so me lol
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    Yeah that's true I remember when I first started vaping only used to do it like once a fortnight at a friends house or something I remember sometimes we just got so insanely high to the point of being like a 12/10 haha trying to order food from the petrol station but just laughing in the cashiers face and that was after 3 years of heavy smoking.  I always vape these days though due to a health issue I have so those days are gone for me.
    Yes but my point was not made on the judgement of price but rather on the judgement of personal preference. Some people might like to care for the planet, others like to tear it up in a 8mpg sports car :p
  16. True^^^^
  17. This thread is similar to a vegan asking someone why they don't eat meat. Some people can't afford a damn vape or fancy ass pipes, and some of us just enjoy smoking a variety of ways, but for the sake of convienence and habit we smoke not vape.

    I feel as if all my highs are "clean highs", and all effects of smoking I enjoy.
    I have The KIA Vaporizer and I run it through a ROOR, turn it around in your mind, bong. Best of both worlds.
  19. I'm trying to save money for one but I'm in good health so toking isn't much as a hazard towards me.
    Because some people don't have that problem. I love joints, dabs, bongs, brownies, vapes...

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