Why does Wikileaf want to track me? and how to...

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  1. I get this message Wikileaf want to track my location. I don't click on the add at the top of the pages and I've deleted my cookies but it comes back. What's up with this?
  2. You too? This has been bothering me and honestly I do not fully trust the wiki, like its an attempt by the police or something.
  3. I'm sure it's big brother. Or Superjoint needs a new car. I just told it to go away and not come back but I don't know if it keeps trying or not
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  4. That is what I did as well. I do NOT trust anything that wants to track my location and why should it? There better be a damn good explanation for what this shit is about.
  5. I'm sure this place wouldn't do anything that could get us in trouble. No worries.
  6. Wiki another MJ board have been trying to get me to allow tracking.
  7. Folks have been discussing it here too;
    Advertiser asking for location

    Basically it is an app and web site that will pull up dispensaries and prices near your location. You definitely do not need to allow it to know your location. You can play with it without revealing anything. Just for shits and grins I put in Seattle to see what the pricing is.
    I never let any site know my location, screw that.

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  8. Just Big Cannabis learning the ropes.
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  9. Thanks ICG.
  10. Please post all feedback in the thread that ICG linked you too. Thanks! :)

    The more feedback they get, the better they can make it. :)
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