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Why does weed taste bad now?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SourFlowers69, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. I am one of those stoners that prefers a really nice, smooth tasting/burning strain rather than just something potent, that is why my favorites have always been sour strains and other strains with nice flavors. But recently I have noticed that although i've gotten some good weed(better than before actually) which looks and smells great, some of which i smoked before even and tasted great, the buds taste kind of bad to me now when i smoke them. I use OCB ultra thin Papers and they have always tasted great, i tried with my water bong even after cleaning it thoroughly and putting new ice and water and it still tasted bad. I really believe that this is a health problem and not to do with the weed or what im using to smoke so i was looking to see if anyone knows why or has had the same problem. I've noticed that i've been coughing up more tar and have had more flem and im also always stuffy now so maybe my sense of taste/smell has been affected by years of smoking all day every day? 
    Does anyone know the cause and what i can do to fix it? I'm getting a new vaporizer tomorrow as well and i plan on trying some sour buds in there and seeing if i can taste them, I also plan on using mostly the vaporizer when i get it as I have been told that it is the cleanest way to smoke. 

  2. i wouldnt put much stock into the health problem theory unless you have good reason, and if you do, see a doctor. most likely what you should do is take a couple weeks off to give your lungs a break. its good youre looking into vaping, for the long term its clearly the healthiest option save edibles. 
    Thanks and I think I phrased that wrong, i didn't mean so much a health problem as just the fact that my lungs and nose etc might need a break like you said since ive been smoking so much recently and using only bongs and joints.
    Would using my vape work or should i stop smoking altogether for a while? 
  4. what vape are you getting? i would still give your lungs a break and just take a couple weeks off to see where youre at. no need to give up smoking altogether but the vape is definitely a good alternative
    used to buy it in my younger years of smoking when i had to settle for mids.
    stuff works.. does its job.. of course i haven't needed to use it at least 7 years lol.
    best of luck!
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  6. thanks for the info! i might try it out sometime.
  7. Step one: Stop smoking garbage,
    Maybe you are just mistaking the earthy taste for grossness, a lot of people actually like it. Such as myself.
    Not all strains are preferable, or notably pleasurable to indulge in. Even some of my favorite strains get bland at a certain point./
  8. IMO , although it may be the same strain from the same grower...

    The taste and aroma can resemble the smell/taste of hay, or grass.
    There are many factors that can cause this...
    Most of the time, the flowers were dried too quickly, or over dried, of course this is going coincide with a proper cure as well.

    I remember my first harvest, and I grew some damn good plants, sooo aromatic.
    But I screwed up drying and curing, got me super high, but I over dried , so it smelled amazing in the garden, but improper curing made it taste funky, like hay.

    It takes some solid knowledge, and some trial & error to dial in the "perfect cure".
  9. In agreement with sir dabsalot. The cure is the key....more than 90 % of the weed you ever see today has been improperly just seems to take too long for most to wait it out. Bud sitting in glass jars for months at a time seems a waste to many but that is what brings out the best and what you seek.
  10. If worse comes to worse, you can alway buy some flavorant and add it to your joint. I have gotten used to the crappy flavor of swhag and mids over the years. But I still do prefer the taste of high quality smoke.
  11. I'm getting a zephyr ion which I've heard works just as well as a volcano, guess I'll find out later. Its a bit hard for me to go without smoking though especially to sleep.
  12. Normally I would suspect the curing process as well but it just seems like it's happening too often and to the point where I can't get any of the good taste at all. Also it isn't just weed, I've noticed that even some food has tasted a bit funny to me in the last weeks or so, maybe it has something to do with my sense of smell since my nose is stuffy all the time now too?

    Anyways I suppose the curing could still be the problem, and the last buds I bought had probably been sitting around a little longer so I guess it's possible they got a little overdried. But on that note I do know what to look for in bud and this isn't bad stuff, it's medical grade MJ and I keep them in glass herb preserve jars. This is why I'm worried it might be me

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