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why does weed smell so damn much

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spark It29, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. well I'm smokin in my room right now and tweekin my parents might find out. Do you know how better weed would be if the smell wasn't so damn strong? Not the actual smell, but how fucking powerful it is like how long it lasts and how bad it is. shit...
  2. I wouldn't have it any other way:smoke:
  3. The thick aroma clouds my room aswell. Is it not glorious?

    Tonight I have toked up a storm!
  4. Better than tobacco.
  5. Truth.
  6. because its the goods :hippie:
  7. assuming this isnt your first time, why didnt you think of the smell before you lit up?

    1) stop smoking
    2) open a window
    3) get a fan
    4) a little bit of ozium or other good air freshener
    5) sont do it again if your parents dont approve
  8. take some dryer sheets and tape them over a toilet paper roll. take a hit and exhale the smoke through the roll. voila! problem solved :)
  9. #9 Atmosphere., Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2010
    Do I know how much better weed would be if the smell wasn't so damn stong?

    -No. Weed is usually better with more smells or aromas in it.

    Not the acutally smell?

    -Huh? The smell but not the smell? The couch but not the lightbulb? Say whaaaaat?

    If I didn't buy "powerful" shit I would hate life. Powerful shit is the best shit, it's called dank, fire, or "the bomb".
  10. If smell's always an issue, you could look into water curing.
  11. If you don't have their permission you shouldn't be smoking in THEIR house in the first place.

  12. seems like you tell that to someone once a day at least.

    you should have a copy and paste template saved on notepad for future use.
  13. In the mood I'm in this morning I hope every kid who smokes in their parent's house without their permission and every kid trying to grow in a stealth PC case in someone else's house without permission gets caught and sent to bed without supper.

    It's rude and dishonest and disrespectful. People need to man up and TALK to their parents and get permission, otherwise take it outside or elsewhere.
  14. i agree.

    my folks let me keep it in my room as long as my siblings cant get to it ( brother in hs )

    as long as im smoking outside and lead a productive life not led by thc, then all is fine and dandy.
  15. Truth, with asset forfeiture laws and all the other crazy drug war BS people need to realize trying to grow a bit of your own can have some very serious consequences that anyone living there should be aware of and have input on.
  16. smeels sweet
  17. [​IMG]

    This ^^

    But seriously dude, you really shouldn't be smoking without permission. The consequences could be costly.

  18. Im guessing weed is legal where you live... -.-
  19. yea im sure your parents are gona come in anytime and smell it, if not today then next time lol

    when ever i came home i would be paranoid i would smell, so i always washed myself off before i went to the house, and even though im clean i would still be paranoid about it.

    but you shouldnt smoke inside, they will be mad because you disrespected the house. unless they smoke cigs inside, then they cant say anything because they smoke something bad everyday while you smoke every once in a while
  20. Step one: Don't smoke in your house...

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