Why does weed make me feel so bad?

Discussion in 'General' started by antoniown, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hello, Ever since december, weed has been making me feel really bad and I don't know why I smoke it. Right after and I mean immediately after I take the first hit, My head feels like it's getting squished and gives me a massive headache. Also my back feels like someone is stabbing it and the pain goes to my chest over my heart. Which makes me panic even more cus I think something is wrong with my heart. I miss actually getting high and I can only smoke without problems when I am drunk. Also it feels like I need to burp but I can't and I sometimes have trouble breathing. This occurs with every type of strain because I've smoked medical also and it happens. I cant enjoy life anymore and im really depressed because I can't enjoy weed anymore Is this really all anxiety?
  2. Cannabis is not meant for all people, if you keep receiving these kind of experiences why do you keep doing it? If you dont enjoy life maybe you should worry about your life and not cannabis. Its mean't to help you life, not destroy it.
  3. I like what the above poster said , you should take a break or build a higher tolerance. Sounds like anxiety to me though i get it once in awhile usually not bud related asthma related when it feels like I'm breathing through a straw.
  4. well the thing is i smoked fine for 3 years no problems then all of a sudden this started to happen and i forgot to mention that this only happens when im not busy doing something so basically i have to be up and doing something
  5. It's strange. I smoked for ten years and then it started bumming me out(don't know why). I laid off for 30+ years and started up again, haven't had a bad feeling nor bum trip.
  6. hmm i guess the only option i have is to lay off it for a while...
  7. bad weed usually gives me headaches. seedy bullshit.
  8. what made you start up again after 30 years
  9. Curiosity, wondering if it would still bum me out. It didn't, it hasn't. :smoke:

    FWIW, it's absolutely amazing how much more potent it is from 20 years ago, and from the '60s? forget it!

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