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Why does weed have more thc then the 60s?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by austyn12, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Sop sly the thc went up from the 60s acording to some anti weed papers that say thats why its bad . Is the soil better then it was in the 60s or what? It dosnt make since why the thc would be so low compared to now.
  2. Because indoor growing techniques have been perfected, as well as genetics
  3. More people grew outside then nowadays. The danks is all from indoor, and like cookie said its been perfected (Almost I think). With modern technology, we can control lights, air, etc.
  4. I know a lot of older people that say its probably the same there tolereance is just over the roof after all the years so how can they really tell anyways

    now we just got a bunch of kids saying kush all the time getting ripped there first time thinking they got the dankest shit ever grown

    but i really think if there is a difference...its not a lot

  5. This, definitely. I wasn't alive in the 60's, but I imagine there was a lot of "stick some seeds in the ground and see what happens".

    Whereas today we have special growing techniques and nutrients and soil and know what specific lighting is needed... and most importantly, we have the internet, which gives everyone an easy source to learn all of this from.

    Imagine that the internet does not exist and there are no books about how to grow marijuana. Most people would just stick a seed in the ground and hope for the best! ;)

  6. yeah but even outdoor is stronger now days acording to some people
  7. yeah umm i think thats why they grew in dirt instead of soil because most hippys were homeless and prob only had they weed in 4 or 5 hrs max sunlight .
  8. Yes. Better indoor growing techniques translate to better outdoor growing techniques as well

  9. Most hippies were homeless? :confused:


    How does that even...

    I'm so confused now.
  10. It's not like botany was a new science in the 60s.

    While I imagine stronger pot can be found today, I'm sure there were growers in the 60's who knew enough about botany to grow some mean pot.

  11. Definitely.

    But all the knowledge that someone like that would have had in the 60's, is now available to anyone who has access to the internet and can type "how to grow marijuana".

    That obviously wasn't the case back then.
    So I guess I'd say it's not a case of weed being lower potency back then, but a case of there being less high potency weed because information on growing techniques was not nearly as available.

  12. there was a few things on tv about it alot of them ran away because their parents hated weed(kids) and lived together back then weed was a hippy drug. IF your homeless u wont be able to carry alot of soil on you
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    Where did you get the idea that most hippies were homeless? Most didn't have homes in the traditional sense of the word but they had to live somewhere & they did. Alternate living styles.
    As far as growing medium, It was grown in dirt because most was grown on farms, that was all there was to grow in. No coco, no hydro, no nutes maybe some horse crap.
    As for quality, my best guess is that overall weed is better today. The best back then was equal to the best now but because of advances in technology, growing medium, nutrients, etc. the average is better, the bar has been raised as it were.
    Like I said my best guess.

  14. that make since i bleive it was illegal to even write about weed growing so there were no books about it

  15. This.

  16. i hate thoes ppl who think weed is horbile for u and its worst now because its stronger i was thinking this . im sure stoners back the had dank but it was prob like 200$ a gram.

  17. It's dumb because if you ask just about anyone who smokes they'll say they only smoke x-amount when it's dank but they smoke 2-3times x-amount if it's mids (means most smokers compensate for the higher potency by smoking less)

  18. studys say the thc fucks u up too and kills brain cells they half right it kills bad brain cells that are damaging your body . Im no Doctor but i asked a few friends adn they said they used ot be sad before they smoked ad now they are sober and better now. I do belive moods are part of the brain i might be wrong tho

  19. haha uh what's that have to do with my post :confused_2:

    sorry if i missed something :D

  20. i made tihs post to prove a poit to anti drug ppl . "studys show that pot has 400x mroe thc then before" i had to deal with that bs with my doctor im changing doctors hes a dumbass somtimes

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