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Why does this weed give me a headache?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mandagrow13, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. So i bought this weed, it smells a little bit of hay, the smell is slightly off. It's really hard and dry and darker in color. It gives me these crazy migraines after a couple of times toking it. I tried twice to make sure it was the weed. Anyways, do you think you would be able to identify the problem with this picture of it? What's wrong?[​IMG]
  2. Brick weed, likely never flushed, dried, or cured properly.

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  3. Is it dangerous or bad to smoke tho?
  4. Other then a headache you should be fine.
    You can even consider using it to make edibles (there is a sub-forum on that).

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  5. That's what we call "Mexican dirt weed" around here. It's stuff that has been grown in a field somewhere in mexico in huge fields and isn't the greatest strain or tended or cured out properly. It has a not so great taste and the buzz isn't so great either. The hay smell makes me think it's not been cured right too. But if you're smoking much of this stuff at all, you're going to get a headache from it. Weed that isn't any good to start with isn't going to get any better over time. And anyway, anytime you smoke weed you need to give yourself a nice block of time before you smoke again or you just waste the stuff. Continually smoking and smoking and smoking and smoking does nothing for you. You only get as high as you do the first time you smoke every day. Every time after that is not as good. But sitting around toking for 30 mins just gets you a headache my friend. I would pass that up if that was my only choice as far as something to smoke. I would rather do without than to end up with compressed Mexican especially after I've done my own for so many years. TWW
  6. Damn..I get a headache just looking at it..reminds me too much of yesteryear!
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  7. Yeah I used to get headaches when I would smoke mids and crappier weed like you have pictured here, best bet is edibles
  8. OK There is a nug in the pic..or am I seeing things? that indicates although it doesn't look good and may have even been compressed some it ISN'T brick guess is pesticides that are giving you the headache...OR too much fertilizer ..(smoking nutrients) question much did you pay for that and how many grams? that should indicate that it's not Mexican brick ...but some newbs experiment that came to shit and was never flushed ...

    let us know

    good luck and good grows.

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  9. Damn bruh that weed looks nasty lol how much you pay for it?

    Thats the kinda weed I get bro


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  10. pic won't load

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  11. Everyone here hit the nail on the head, brick weed and therefore never cured properly. Because of that and the most likely humid environment it came from, there's probably some mold/mildew in the weed and that is what's giving you a headache. Really not good for you and can mess with your lungs on a longer timeline.

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  12. Stress does that to you. Don't smoke stress to avoid those types of headaches.
  13. You’re smoking too much. Weed is for relaxing, not for getting stoned. If your life or your fitness isn’t healthy then you think you’ll solve your problems with it, then you smoke till you’re stoned, maybe thats it. I tell you bcause I was passing through a tough time with no exercise at all, sad and stuff, and the stress was so intense that tensed my neck muscles, my abs and my side abs. I smoked to get relaxed and I smoked till stoned to forget my life. Then I got those headaches for a week. Tylenol, etc. Also got gastritis, nauses just b4 eating. I stopped smoking x 2 weeks. It went away. Then I smoke just a pipe, slowly just to get relaxed. I tell you, those highs as when you begin to smoke... never came back. Just feel relaxed. Also the company, if your spouse or your family rejects that, then you smoke too fast, like a kid.
  14. OP posted this 1 year ago..anyways.

    God damn it, why do people sell weed like that..? Albanians sell the same weed all across Greece and it's EXACTLY like the picture OP posted..inappropriately cured and dried buds, harsh smoke, bad high & headaches..they also pee on the buds while the have them in big containers laughing and saying "This weed will go to the Greeks" so they pee on it..fuck em, that's why i grow myself. More money saving for me and better health status.

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