Why does this kid annoy me?

Discussion in 'General' started by Leafin, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Aight theres this kid in one of my class who recently has brought a skateboard. It is a pretty high level course. He has "dgaf" written on his board. I doubt he even knows what it means how do I check this kid gc?
  2. ask him his philosophy on success
  3. Why does this concern you at all? Sounds like you need to stop worrying about other people :smoke:
  4. In my neck of the woods the only people who say dgaf are bros, and they are usually total douchers. He would annoy the shit out of me too.
  5. I'm confused

    dgaf prolly refers to "dont give a fuck"

    And what are you exactly checking for? If he pisses you off that bad fight him and if you don't wanna fight him then stfu :laughing:
  6. I think we need more examples of why he annoys you before we side with you. Because right now you are just looking like a dickbag.
  7. dgaf about OP
  8. sounds like your jelous of his board.
  9. dgaf about haters
  10. Just continue to say that he means "DO Give A Fuck" on his board. Like hopglock said, the only people who say that are bros and nothing pisses a bro off more than questioning their bro-hood-ness....ity. :D
  11. you sound very egotistical
  12. Check him? and what the fuck does a high level course have anything to do with a skateboard? Also, what teh fuck does a skateboard have to do with annoying you? And another thing.... What does dgaf have anything to do with any of this?
  13. area11 is right. What is the problem you have with him? He happens to be in your class...he got a skateboard...it says dgaf on it....none of which are anything you need to worry about
  14. This is my DGAF face, and if i had to set my deck down to express it. :devious::devious:


  15. Your a judgmental, better than thou Dick, that's why it annoys you.
  16. Damnit i was gonna post this, i was litterally 3 posts up when it popped into my head..

    oh well...

    U mad?

    And what do you mean by 'check' him?
  17. He obviously DGAF about what you think about his DGAF written on his board.

    you GAF, he DGAF. thats the difference.
  18. Check him? It's not like he just pimpslapped you or fucked your girlfriend or something He sounds chill. Dude skates, doesn't give a fuck, and is in a high level class. Haters gonna hate.

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