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Why does this keep happening?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CoreyR, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So almost everytime I smoke by myself I will pass out about 1 or two hours later.
    I went outside two days ago and smoked an entire bowl out of my spoon.
    I eat an entire pint of ice cream and then i go to my room and sleep until like 1am...
    Why do I pass out all the time when I smoke?
    I really don't like it because it ruins my high...
    What am i doing wrong?
  2. You go to sleep or you actually fall down pass out? If the latter it would be because you have low blood pressure or low blood sugar (eat something.)

    If you just go to sleep, then you need to either a) raise your tolerance b) don't smoke so much and c) make an active effort to stay awake.
  3. maybe your just getting indica's?
  4. That's pretty much it in a nutshell :)

    It's probably because you smoked too much. If you're new to smoking and you have a low tolerance then it'll take less to get you high. Try smoking less than you have before, wait 10 minutes and see how you feel. The thc doesn't fully kick in right away so if you wait you may end up feeling higher than you'd thought you would.

    Also try keeping active once you're high. If you sit/lie down you're more likely to get lazy or tired and fall asleep.
  5. I go to sleep but it's almost as if i psas out..
    Like..once i hit my bed i am out.
  6. just dont sit or lay on anything that your used to sleeping on
  7. Do something engaging, listen to music or something.
  8. keep your productivity level up.
  9. Monster energy drinks work wonders for me when I'm smokin' and drinkin' at the same time.
  10. dude story of my life in the beginning.

    they gave me the nickname sleepdank cuz i would always fall asleep after 1 blunt, now i outsmoke then all ;)
  11. Yea I might jsut be smoking too much
    And I bet i only sleep when IM alone cuz i never have anything to do really lol
  12. Maybe your smoking too much? Any stoner will pass out if he smokes more than he can handle.

    Hell, i've been toking for 5 years 5-7 days a week, and last Thursday i smoked nearly a quarter between 4 people, 1 of which only had about 5 hits because it was his first time.

    I got home at like 7 and slept until 3 am.

    Last Thursday was the highest i've ever been, one hella smoke session.

    Its one i'll probably remember for the rest of my days.
  13. Marijuana is a depressant. It acts on your cardiovascular system in a way very similar to alcohol. It also decreases oxygen flow to your heart and (slightly) increases heart rate. That combines always makes me want to lay down. After about 2 or 3 hours I usually fall asleep too, but I can fight it. Maybe try doing smaller doses or doing half a bowl, waiting 10 minutes, then doing another half.

    Also, drinking monsters is potentially dangerous. You have MJ slowing down your system and a monster speeding it up..depending on your body type (mine is sensitive) it could throw in some issues.

    Happy Toking:smoke:
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but marijuana is a psychoactive, not a depressant like alcohol. Most drugs fall into the category of either stimulant,depressant, hallucinogen, or antipsychotic. Marijuana, containing both THC and CBD, exhibits a mix of all properties, leaning towards hallucinogen properties due to THC being the primary chemical.
  15. ohh man i have passed out pretty hard when i started smoking
    i smoked 4 grams of mids, sat down on my bed, fully clothed with a bong in my hand, woke up 3pm the next day, sitting up, sun shining, bong right in my hand where i left it. it was a horrible sleep. lol.
    another time i was just sitting on the comp and before i knew it, it was morn. haha. funny how that happens. kinda pisses me off sometimes tho :p
  16. lol smoke to much? hahaha i wish i had that problem
  17. the trick to that for me is to drink energy or coffee while blazing and then crank some music or play xbox and if that still isnt working I find going around the block on a skateboard or even walking wakes me right up.
  18. lol I usually get stoned at like midnight and go lay on the couch and watch TV, usually fall asleep without realizing it and wake up at 430-5. kind of sucks, maybe tolerance helps or smoke less like some other people said
  19. #19 agent_00_trees, Feb 13, 2009
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    Indica's will make you more tired if that's what you have that's why it makes a good sleep aid, and if your bored I'm not surprised if you pass out. Whether I smoke Indica or Sativa I never have a problem staying up because I'm jamming out to music and playing playstation 3, having a good time really, even if I'm alone.
  20. Being bored, its impossible to fall asleep when you're socializing. But when you're alone, and everything is comfortable as fuck, theres nothing like falling asleep high. Then waking up 2 hours later and eating everything in the fridge.

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