Why does this happen?

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  1. So there's one nugget on my plant that hasn't really gotten much light at all. It was growing on the back side of a kola so I pulled it around to the front. It's just SUPER lime green. But still more dense than a lot of my popcorn nugs.
  2. Different levels of light cause the nugs to have varying degrees of density.
  3. I know that. That's not what I'm asking though man. The lime green nug is what I'm asking about. Why the weird color? It was getting almost no light and is still more dense than any of my popcorn buds that get more light than it. So it's really getting more dense with less light. Doesn't make sense. The main thing I was asking about though was the color
  4. Light will cause that too, can't see another reason for it.
  5. Apical dominance. People are under the impression that bud density or mass is influenced by the light it gets. Photosynthesis happens in leaves and the sugars are transported to the bud via osmotic pressure.

    When you defoliate the stress causes shifts in apical dominance. That's why buds develop more evenly.
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  6. The top nugs are darker green because they receive more light and have acsess to more of the green wave length which the chloroplast naturally repels.
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  7. I like to defoliate as much as possible, but without hurting the plant that way i can keep all my nugs in plenty of light..saying that ...when i cut down you will always find a few underdeveloped nugs... sods law lol..anyway keep growing
  8. Maybe that along with UV light beating them up.

    Oh no the great defoliation debate. I can't. This will get ya banned. Lol
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  9. Agree buddy, not the time to give the if and but why nots :)
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  10. ,n
    its only this one nug that's this color though. My others are all relatively the same.
  11. Environmental stresses signal cell hardening hormones. The bud had shade. Or it could have just been a funk in the signalling altogether
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  12. Yeah lol, although we could be over analysing it haha..
  13. I tend to do shit like that when blazed lol
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  14. True...smoke it!

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